Master's Program

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The Master's Program aims to give students the coursework needed for teaching in community colleges and secondary schools; to provide the opportunity for teachers, curators, and administrators to refresh themselves on recent developments in archaeology; to facilitate career advancement in cultural resource management; and to provide the academic background needed for admission to a Ph.D. program. Previous archaeology study and experience are desirable, but not necessary for admission.

Program Requirements

Eight courses are required, covering basic knowledge of archaeology and archaeological methods as well as advanced training in an area of specialization. Each student's curriculum is designed in consultation with a faculty advisor who will take into account previous coursework, experience, and academic goals. It is expected that each student will meet the following requirements through taking courses or demonstrating equivalent experience:

In addition, each student will write a master's thesis. Full-time students can complete the course requirements in one academic year; all students are expected to complete the program within a maximum period of three academic years.