Lillian Tseng

Assistant Professor of History of Art & Chinese Art


Professor Tseng received her Ph.D. from Harvard in 2001, and joined the Yale faculty in 2003. She has published a number of articles concerned with diverse cultural issues in Chinese art, such as history and memory, visual replication and political persuasion, pictorial representation and historical writing, and the interchangeability of the self and the other. Her research has been acknowledged and supported by prestigious fellowships from the Getty Foundation and the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation.

Currently she is at work on two book projects, tentatively entitled "Picturing Heaven: Visibility and Visuality in Early China" and "The Frontier and Visual Imagination in Han Empire." At Yale, Professor Tseng is developing the Chinese art curriculum. The graduate seminars she has given include "Materiality of Death in Chinese Art" and "History, Memory and Media in Chinese Art." For undergraduate students, she regularly offers lectures on "Art and Archaeology in China" and "Chinese Art and the Modern World," and leads seminars on "Mapping the Art of Chu China" and "Art and Architecture of the Forbidden City."

Contact Information
190 York St., Rm. 558
436-0540, 432-2686