Anne Underhill

Professor of Anthropology


Anne P. Underhill (Ph.D., University of British Columbia, 1990), Professor of Anthropology, specializes in the archaeology of East Asia (primarily China). She has collaborated with archaeologists at Shandong University, China, in regional survey and excavation since 1995. The focus has been understanding changes in regional settlement and economic organization during the late prehistoric and early Bronze Age periods in the Rizhao area of southeastern Shandong. The team has published several articles in English and Chinese about the survey and excavation at the late prehistoric site of Liangchengzhen. Anne's archaeological research interests include investigation of craft production (especially ceramics), exchange systems, diet, and mortuary ritual. She also conducted ethnoarchaeological fieldwork in areas of western China where people continue to use traditional techniques in pottery production (Guizhou and Xinjiang provinces). Her related interests are ethnoarchaeology, ethnic minority cultures of China, museum anthropology, and protecting sites from the illegal antiquities market. Anne was honored with a National Friendship Award from the government of China in 2008.

Before moving to Yale for the spring 2010 semester, Anne was a curator of East Asian anthropology at the Field Museum in Chicago and taught at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Prior to that she taught at Franklin and Marshall College, McGill University, and Yale (1995-1999). She is very happy to be back.

Contact Information
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