biological anthropology laboratories at yale university

Mission statement

The primary mission of the Yale Biological Anthropology Laboratories (YBAL) is to facilitate and support research and education initiatives, and to manage the collections, equipment, and facilities relating to research and teaching in biological anthropology.

The YBAL collections encompass biological, archaeological, and other materials relating to the study and analysis of biological variation and evolution of the Order Primates and the species Homo sapiens. These collections have been assembled via donations, purchase, and research projects. The collections include (a) provenanced specimens collected under scientific conditions from specific contexts whose primary value lies in their research potential, (b) unprovenanced specimens, casts, replicas, and similar items which are maintained specifically as teaching aids. These collections represent taxa and individuals from around the world.


The YBAL maintains these materials in perpetuity for scholarly use and for the benefit of the Yale University students and faculty, and for the benefit of the research community as a whole in accordance with the professional, ethical, and legal standards of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA), the International Society of Primatologists (IPS), the Society for American Archaeology (SAA).