biological anthropology laboratories at yale university

General Policies

The following policies and procedures are approved by the YBAL Supervisor and the Biological Anthropology Division of the Anthropology Department, Yale University.

I. Lab Supervision & Faculty Advisors

The YBAL Supervisor is responsible for:

a) collection management
b) facility maintenance
c) equipment and materials purchase and maintenance
d) research/teaching coordination with faculty and students

The YBAL supervisor is under the direction and management of the faculty of Biological Anthropology division of Anthropology at Yale University.

II. Research and Teaching Collections Access

The YBAL is devoted first and foremost to maintenance and conservation of collections and resources for the purposes of teaching and research. Access to these materials is provided to Yale University faculty, staff, students, and/or visiting scholars for research and education projects that do not conflict with the long-term goals of YBAL maintenance and conservation. Following use or study, collections must be returned to their proper storage locations in a timely manner. All access is subject to the procedures outlined in the Faculty/Student Use of YBAL Collections policy. Yale Undergraduates under the supervision of a faculty sponsor may use the YBAL collections to conduct senior honors or independent research projects as part of their undergraduate training in anthropology and scientific research and professional writing. Yale Graduate students are encouraged to use YBAL collections for their Masters and Ph.D. research. Priority is given to those research projects that consider the maintenance and conservation priorities of the YBAL. Contact the YBAL Supervisor for more details.

III. Human Remains

The human remains currently curated by the YBAL are subject to the procedures outlined in the Faculty/Student Use of YBAL Collections policy. Note that the YBAL does not have any Native American human remains from North America, and remains in compliance with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and associated regulations (25 U.S.C. 3001 et seq.). Use of human remains for teaching purposes requires a brief tutorial by the YBAL supervisor. Note that some of the human remains are in fact curated by the Yale Peabody Museum (YPM), but housed at the YBAL. Access to these specimens may require approval from the YPM Anthropology Collections Manager as well as from the YBAL Supervisor.

IV. External Loans

Short-term external loans of YBAL materials are possible only if a) on-site study is not feasible and b) the external loan does not conflict with the long-term maintenance and conservation mission of the YBAL. All loans must be reviewed and approved by the YBAL Supervisor and Yale Biological Anthropology Division Faculty. A loan form must be completed and filed with the YBAL before the collection item(s) can be moved. The YBAL supervisor reserves the right to accept or reject petitions for loans. Note that YPM collections are not available for external loans through the YBAL. Such requests must be made through the YPM.

V. Equipment

The YBAL equipment and supplies are available for use by Yale faculty, staff and students. Procedures for use of equipment are outlined in the YBAL Faculty/Student Use of Equipment policy.

VI. Department-YBAL Personnel Interaction Restrictions

The duties of the YBAL Supervisor are limited to the research, maintenance, curatorial, and records-keeping responsibilities detailed above. All other faculty, staff, or student needs outside the purview of the YBAL collections, facilities, and equipment are the responsibility of those faculty, staff, and students.

VII. Laboratory Use

The YBAL maintains laboratory space, facilities, and equipment assigned to it by the Yale Department of Anthropology Chair. Decisions concerning that space and those facilities and equipment are at the discretion of the Anthropology Department Chair, Biological Anthropology Division Faculty, and the YBAL Supervisor.