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Sara Shneiderman

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

& South Asian Studies

Ph.D. Cornell University, 2009

10 Sachem Street, Room 126
Tel: (203) 436-4270
Fax: (203) 432-3669

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I am a socio-cultural anthropologist working in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India, and China’s Tibetan Autonomous Region. My research explores the relationships between political discourse, ritual action, and cross-border mobility in producing ethnic identities and shaping social transformation. Current research projects include an ethnography of “post-conflict” state restructuring in Nepal, and an exploration of trans-Himalayan citizenship across the historical and contemporary borders of India, China, and Nepal.

My forthcoming book is titled Rituals of Ethnicity: Thangmi Identities Across Himalayan Borders (University of Pennsylvania Press). An ethnography focusing on the cross-border circulation of Thangmi people and their ideas about ethnic, national, religious and political identity, Rituals of Ethnicity offers new explanations for the powerful persistence of ethnicity as a category of identification today despite the increasing realities of mobile, translocal lives. The book is based on over a decade of ethnographic research with diverse members of the Thangmi community in the Dolakha and Sindhupalchok districts of central-eastern Nepal, as well as in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India, and the neighboring state of Sikkim.

I have also published several articles on the themes of Nepal’s Maoist movement; ethnic classification, affirmative action, and the politics of recognition in South Asia; and borders and citizenship in the Himalaya. I am currently preparing another manuscript that presents Thangmi ritual texts in Nepali and English translation. This is a collaborative project with an indigenous Thangmi researcher, a Nepali translator, and a linguistic anthropologist.

Multimedia technologies are at the core of my ethnographic methodology, and I am a founding member of the Digital Himalaya Project. I am also the Faculty Coordinator of the Yale Himalaya Initiative .

photo © Harold Shapiro

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Recent & Featured Publications

Shah A & Shneiderman S (2013) The practices, policies and politics of transforming inequality in South Asia: Ethnographies of affirmative action. Focaal—Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology. 65: 3-12. Introduction to guest edited special issue “Toward an Anthropology of Affirmative Action”. DOI:10.3167/fcl.2013.650101


Shneiderman S (2013) Developing a culture of marginality: Nepal's current classificatory moment. Focaal—Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology. 65: 42-55. In the special issue “Toward an Anthropology of Affirmative Action”, guest edited by Sara Shneiderman and Alpa Shah. DOI:10.3167/fcl.2013.650105


Shneiderman S (2013) Himalayan Border Citizens: Sovereignty and Mobility in the Nepal-Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) of China Border Zone. Political Geography. In the special issue “Borders in South Asia” edited by Jason Cons and Romola Sanyal. DOI:10.3167/fcl.2013.650101