Mark Steinberg, Russian Revolution, 1917

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1. Soldiers pose by tank after joining the revolution. Written on their vehicle: "FREEDOM! / 28 February / Armored Division / 1917."

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2. Soldiers at the ceremonial funeral for the fallen in the revolution. Mars Field, Petrograd, 23 March. Banners read "Eternal Glorious Memory to the Fallen Comrade Fighters for Liberty," "Long Live a Democratic Republic," and "In Organization is Strength." Steinberg02.JPG (156428 bytes)
3. Women demonstrate, Petrograd, March. Their banner reads: "If the woman is a Slave there will be no Freedom. Long live the Equality of the Woman." Steinberg03.JPG (185473 bytes)
4. May Day demonstrators, Palace Square, Petrograd, 18 April (a postcard). Banners read Long Live a Democratic Republic" and "Long Live Socialism." Steinberg04.JPG (213258 bytes)
5. Demonstrating restaurant and café workers. Petrograd, spring. Banners read: "Down with Tips," "We stand for respect for the waiters as human beings." Steinberg05.JPG (194020 bytes)
6. Soldiers, possibly deserters. Spring. Steinberg06.JPG (109711 bytes)
7. Soldiers participate in political demonstration, Petrograd, 18 June 1917 (postcard). Banner reads "Long Live the World International." Steinberg07.JPG (96047 bytes)
8. A studio photograph of a worker, soldier, and peasant taken in the first days after the October overthrow of the Provisional Government. The banner reads: "Workers, Soldiers of all Countries, demand immediate peace. Long live Soviet Power. The Kadets are enemies of the people and do not belong in the Const[ituent] Assembly." Steinberg08.JPG (157796 bytes)
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