Enemies within the Gates? The Comintern and the Stalinist Repression, 1934-1939
by William J. Chase 

List of Translated Documents

Translations by Vadim A. Staklo

Document Number Number in Printed Edition Date Title
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1 1 1/1/35 Telegram from the Comintern's Youth Organization to Gilbert Green, CPUSA, regarding the struggle against opportunists
2 2 2/9/35 Telegram from the Political Commission of the ECCI Political Secretariat to the Communist Parties of France, Belgium, England, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, United States, Greece on counteracting the anti-Soviet campaign abroad in connection with the executions related to the case of S.M. Kirov
3 3 12/9/35 Telegram from the Roman Lendersecretariat to the Political Bureau of the Italian CP
4 4 12/28/35 Protocol of the closed joint meeting of the ECCI’s party organization of 28 December 1934 regarding the case of Magyar, and a resolution about the expulsion of Magyar from the VKP
5 5 2/20/35 Dimitrov's speech to the 20 Feb. 1935 closed meeting of the ECCI party organization dedicated to the lessons flowing from Kirov's murder
6   2/20/35 Resolution of the closed meeting of the party organization of ECCI workers of 18 and 20 Feb. 1935.
7 6 1/3/36 Letter from Manuilsky to Ezhov regarding measures against "spies and saboteurs disguised as political emigres"
8 7 1/23/36 On the policy of cadres and measures to raise the vigilance of the CP of Lithuania (23 Jan. 1936).
9   1/ /36 Resolution of the ECCI Secretariat on the meeting regarding measures against agent provocateurs and agents of the class enemy
10 8 1/28/36 Resolution of the ECCI Secretariat of 28 Jan. 1936 on the Polish question
11 9 2/5/36 Telegram from the ECCI Secretariat to the Communist parties of the USA, England, France, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Holland, Norway and to the South American Bureau on Trotsky's bloc with Hearst
12 10 3/3/36 Resolution of the Secretariat [on the Cadres Department's obligations for emigres
13 11 8/11/36 Memorandum from F. Kotelnikov to Dimitrov, Manuilsky, and Moskvin about the work of exposing "the wreckers in the ECCI"
14 12 8/17/36 Letter from S. Skulski to Dimitrov, Manuilsky and Moskvin
15 13 8/28/36 Telegram from the ECCI Secretariat to the British CP on the lessons of Trotskyist "counterrevolutionary activity" as revealed in August 1936 trial
16 14 8/25/36 Telegram from the ECCI to Earl Browder, CPUSA
17   8/25/36 Memorandum from M. Kreps to Dimitrov regarding publications about the "Trotskyist-Zinovievite terrorist center" trial
18 15 7/26/36 Protocol No. 14 of the 26/VII-36 open meeting of the party group of the Secretariats
19 16 8/28/36 Letter from the ECCI Secretariat to the leaders of the British and French Communist Parties regarding the conclusions of the "United Trotskyist-Zinovievite terrorist center trial and the upcoming Brussels Peace Congress"
20 17 9/4/36 Cadres Department memorandum on "Trotskyist and other hostile elements in the emigre community of the German CP."
21 18 9/4/36 A list of VKP members "formerly in other parties, having Trotskyist and Rightist tendencies" sent by F. Kotelnikov to the NKVD
22 19 12/30/36 Telegram from the ECCI Secretariat to the CC of the CPs of Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Holland, France, Belgium, England, USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and to Julius regarding the struggle against Trotskyism
23 20 1/17/37 Letter from the ECCI to the leaders of selected Communist parties regarding propaganda work during the trial of Radek, Pyatakov and others
24 21 1/17/37 Telegram from the ECCI Secretariat to Julius in Paris
25 22 1/21/37 Telegram from the ECCI Secretariat to the British CP
26 23 1/21/37 Telegram from the ECCI Secretariat to Diaz in Spain
27 24 1/26/37 Telegram from Dimitrov and Moskvin to Earl Browder, CPUSA
28 25 1/29/37 Telegram from the ECCI Secretariat to Smeral and Herfurt in Paris demanding the intensification of the propaganda campaign in connection with the Trotskyist Center trial
29 26 2/5/37 ECCI Secretariat resolution to member parties of the Comintern on carrying out the campaign against Trotskyism
30 27 2/7/37 Telegram from the ECCI Secretariat to CPUSA and British CP on political tasks in light of January 1937 trial
31   2/12/37 Telegram from Browder, CPUSA, to Manuilsky and Dimitrov
32 28 2/9/37 Telegram from Lithuania about work being done to liquidate Trotskyism
33 29 2/5/37 Memorandum on the results of the work of the ECCI Secretariat's commission to verify the qualifications of the ECCI apparatus
34 30 5-6/ /37 Denunciations from Walecki addressed to Ezhov
35 31 6/1/37 Protocol No. 6 of the session of the special commission to verify the workers of the ECCI apparatus
36 32 6/22/37 Protocol of the closed meeting of VKP members and candidate members in the ECCI Secretariat
37 33 7/21/37 Letter of congratulations from the ECCI's party organization to Ezhov on his receiving the Order of Lenin
38 34 9/ /37 Dimitrov's notes from the investigation materials in the case of the Polish Communists
39 35 12/19/37 N. Prokofiev's "political biography"
40 36 10/10/37 Letter from Dimitrov and Manuilsky to Ezhov, Zhdanov and Andreev on the effects of arrests on the ECCI apparatus
41 37 11/22/37 Protocol of the 22 Nov. 1937 ICC session on the question of ICC members Grzegorzewski, Iskrov, Walecki, and Eberlein.
42 38 11/28/37 The ECCI resolution on the dissolution of the Polish CP and the accompanying letter from Dimitrov to Stalin about the resolution
43 39 5/17/38 ECCI directives on carrying out a campaign of enlightenment in connection with the trial of the "Bloc of Rights and Trotskyists"
44 40 3/2/38 Letter from Dimitrov to M. Frinovsky about the conditions of political emigres in the USSR seeking to secure residency permits
45 41 8/26/38 Letter from Dimitrov to Zhdanov regarding Journal de Moscou
46 42 5/10/38 Letter from M. Simeonova to Dimitrov about popular attitudes towards foreigners
47 43 7/3/38 Resolution of the ECCI Presidium regarding the expulsion of ECCI members and candidate members and of ICC members "who turned out to be enemies of the people"
48 44 1/3/39 Letter from Dimitrov to Andreev requesting help in identifying Baltic and Polish comrades for Comintern work.
49 45 11/11/39 Lists of arrested former members and candidate members of the party organization of the ECCI apparatus
50 46 10/13/39 Letter fromF. Kotelnikov to the Rostokinsky District Committee of the VKP about the role of the ECCI party committee in the struggle against "politically suspicious individuals, provocateurs, spies"
51 47 12/14/35 Letter from Bela Kun to the CC CPH recognizing his erroneous attitude toward the new Comintern policy and leadership
52 48 6/29/36 Statement of Z. Szanto about Bela Kun's "double dealing"
53 49 9/4/36 Resolution of the ECCI Secretariat on the Bela Kun question
54 50 9/7/36 Stenographic report of the ECCI Secretariat's meeting to discuss the results of the work of the commission to investigate the case of Bela Kun
55 51 9/2/36 Statement of Irina Kun (Bela Kun's sister) about Georg Benedek
56 52 8/16/38 Telegram from Dimitrov to Moskvin regarding Dimitrov's secretary
57 53 10/18/38 Telegram from Moskvin to Dimitrov regarding the firing of Dimitrov's secretary
58 54 6/25/40 Letter from Dimitrov and Manuilsky to the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs, L. Beria, requesting a review of Valter's case
59 55 2/28/41 Letter from Dimitrov to Merkulov requesting a review of the cases of E.O. Valter, A.L. Khigerovich (Razumova) and seventeen arrested political emigres
60 56 3/4/45 Letter from Razumova to Dimitrov requesting a review of her case.
61 57 1/24/38 Letter from Z. Szanto to Dimitrov about the arrest of his relatives and the expulsion of his brother, B. Szanto, from the VKP
62   2/7/38 Letter from Z. Szanto to Dimitrov regarding the readmission of Bela Szanto to the VKP
63 58 2/29/38 M. G. Szanto's letter to Dimtrov regarding the arrest of her husband, Bela Szanto
64 59 11/10/39 Iosif Revai's reference for Bela Szanto
65 60 11/15/39 Z. Szanto's statement about Bela Szanto's ties with Bela Kun
66 61 3/9/40 Inquiry from the Military Procurator of the Moscow Military District, Ankudinov, to the ECCI regarding the case of Bela Szanto
67 62 3/27/40 Reply from the head of the ECCI's Cadres Department, P. Guliaev, to Military Procurator, Ankudinov, regarding Bela Szanto
68   6/9/40 Letter from Bela Szanto to the deputy head of the ECCI's Cadres Department, Belov, requesting material support
69 63 10/21/38-1/8/39 Materials relating to a request for a review of the case of Anni Etterer
70 64 10/13/40-1/21/41 Inquiry from the Procurator of the USSR, Bochkov, to Dimitrov regarding Petko N. Petkov, and Dimitrov's reply
71 65 8/5/39 Letter from I. Terziev to Dimitrov and Kolarov describing his arrest and the methods of investigation
72 66 1/22/41 Letter from K. F. Kushner to Dimitrov requesting a review of his case