Resolution of the ECCI Secretariat*

In connection with the decision of the plenum of the CC VKP(b) about the verification of party documents[i] and in connection with the ECCI Secretariat’s resolution on the transfer of members of the fraternal communist parties to the VKP(b),[ii] present for discussion at the ECCI Presidium the question of the utmost improvement of vigilance in all sections of the Communist International, and of the measures against the infiltration of their ranks by agents provocateurs and agents of the class enemy.

G. Dim[itrov]

D. Manuilsky

Ercoli [iii]

Wang Ming

M. Moskvin




RGASPI, f. 495, op. 18, d. 1071, l. 64.

Original in Russian. Typewritten with a handwritten additions and original signatures.


* Handwritten by G. Dimitrov.

[i]  The decision refers to the resolution entitled “The Results of the Verification of the Party Documents” passed by the CC VKP plenary meeting of 21-25 December 1935. The resolution asserted that the enemies, including the agents of foreign intelligence services, had managed to infiltrate the VKP(b) ranks disguised as political émigrés and fraternal parties’ members. The plenum decided to undertake the exchange of the party documents. KPSS v resolutsiiakh, t. 6, pp. 295-304. For a discussion of this, see Getty, Origins, pp. 58-91.

[ii]  The resolution of the ECCI Secretariat of 29-30 December 1935 addressed issues relating to the transfer of fraternal parties’ members to the VKP.  See f. 495, op. 18, d. 71039, l. 9a, and the discussion above.

[iii]Ercoli (real name -- Palmiro Togliatti (1893-1964)).  From 1914 to 1920, a member of the Italian Socialist Party; after 1921, a member of the CP Italy (CPI);  a member of its CC from 1922, and of its Executive Committee  after 1923. Political Secretary of the CPI in 1926 and in 1928-1943. Member of the ECCI Political Secretariat in 1926-1927 and in 1931-1935.  An ECCI Secretary in 1935-1943. Between 1944 and 1946, Minister without Portfolio, Minister of Justice, and Deputy Prime Minister of the Italian government.