Letter from Bela Szanto to the deputy head of the ECCI’s Cadres Department, Belov, requesting material support. 9 June 1940.


To the Deputy Head of the ECCI’s Cadres Department, com. Belov.

I am asking for your support in obtaining, via MOPR, material support and authorization to go to a sanatorium. On 24/II 1938, I was arrested by NKVD organs. At the time of the arrest, I was not working anywhere, since I had been expelled from the party in December 1937. Until December 1937, I had been working as a Director of Commissariat of Heavy Industry’s  Scientific Library. At present, the Narkomat is dissolved, and I was denied sick benefits. I was released on 29/IV 1940 as a result of the closing of my case and my readmission to the VKP(b).


Bela Szanto

(Bela Szanto)

RGASPI, f. 495, op. 199, d. 184 (II), l. 93.

Original in Russian. Handwritten.