Inquiry from the Military Procurator of the Moscow Military District, Ankudinov, to the ECCI regarding the case of Bela Szanto. 9 March 1940.[i]


TOP SECRET   Copy No.1

9/10 March 1940   No. 01629

Please refer to our number when responding.


In connection with the case of the for[mer] member of the Communist Party of Hungary (f[ormer] People’s Commissar for the Military Affairs of the Hungarian Soviet Republic) SZANTO Bela Aleksandrovich, which was forwarded to the Office of Military Procurator of the M[oscow] M[ilitary] D[istrict] for evaluation, in order to ensure the most complete and thorough inquiry in the case, I ask you to communicate [answers to] the following:[ii]

1) Whether, since 1927, SZANTO has had differences with the rest of the CC CP of Hungary regarding questions of party work. [What was] the essence of these differences[?]

2) Whether the condemnation of SZANTO’s line on this issue by the Political Secretariat of the Comintern in November 1929 and by the II Congress of the CP of Hungary was a result of incorrect information about his actual position by the CC at that time.

3) Whether that CC of the CP of Hungary was exposed and dissolved by the decision of the Comintern.

4) [What was] the essence of the differences between SZANTO, Bela and Bela KUN in 1935[?]

5) [What was] the decision of the International Control Commission about SZANTO regarding his differences with the CC of the CP of Hungary in 1935[?]

6) Whether the CC of the CP of Hungary was dissolved in 1936 and what the reason was for its dissolution.

7) Whether after the VII Comintern Congress the newly-elected CC ordered SZANTO Bela to write a book on the history of the Hungarian revolution.




Typed in 2 copies

Copy No. 1 – to the addressee

Copy No. 2 – to the nar[komat]

l.    v.


RGASPI, f. 495, op. 199, d. 184 (II), ll. 82-82ob.

Original in Russian. Typewritten.



[i] The letter is written on the letterhead of the Military Procurator of the Moscow Military District. It was sent to the Dimitrov’s Secretariat and received on 11 March 1940. From there it was forwarded to the ECCI’s Cadres Department.

[ii] Handwritten on the margins:

To c. Privorotskaia

Prepare the answer

13/III <Signed by the head of the Cadres Department of the ECCI>.

Elizaveta Markovna Privorotskaia. Born in 1895, she joined the RSDRP(b) in 1911. Between October 1935 and 16 November 1941, she worked as chief analyst in the Cadres Department of the ECCI. On 30 April 1941, she was reprimanded by the ECCI’s Secretariat for violating the rules of secrecy (talking about work on public transport). She was fired as a result of the reduction in ECCI at the time of its transfer to Ufa during WWII.

[iii] MVO – abbr. of Moskovsky Voennyi Okrug (the Moscow Military District).