Letter from Z. Szanto to Dimitrov regarding the readmission of Bela Szanto the VKP. 7 February 1938.


Show to cc. Gottwald, Belov[i]

G. D[imitrov].

8. 2. 38.

Top Secret.

Dear comrade Dimitrov,

As a supplement to my letter of 24. 1. 1938, I inform you that accusations which led to the expulsion of my brother Bela Szanto from the VKP(b) proved to be slander. The Molotovsky district VKP(b) committee refuted all accusations and readmitted [him] to the party without any party reprimand.[ii]

7. II. 1938.

With communist greetings,

Zoltan Szanto

/Zoltan Szanto/.

Gottwald  8. 2. 38

Belov   8. II. 1938.


RGASPI, f. 495, op. 73, d. 57, l. 29.

Original in German. Typewritten.




[i] Dimitrov read the letter from B. Szanto on the same day as it was sent and then forwarded it to K. Gottwald and G. Belov.

[ii] The Molotovsky district VKP committee in Moscow readmitted Bela Szanto to the party on 4 February 1938.