Document 3


Telegram from the Roman Lendersecretariat to the Political Bureau of the Italian Communist Party in Paris.

9 February 1935


We call your attention to the editorial article in “Stato Operaio”[i] mistakenly connecting the Kirov murder to alleged domestic difficulties in the USSR, instead of stressing  the grandiose victories of socialist construction, the growing danger of imperialist aggression against the USSR, the unanimous mobilization of the masses around the VKP(b). The article does not concentrate fire against the activities and counterrevolutionary campaign of the Trotskyists and Social Democrats. We demand an intensification  of the campaign against Trotskyists and Social Democracy in all party publications in connection with the Kirov murder.

Rom[an] Secr[etariat]


RGASPI, f. 495, op. 184, d. 37. Outgoing telegrams for 1935 to Paris, l. 20.

Original in French. Typewritten.



[i] Lo Stato Operaio was theoretical journal of the Italian CP. In 1927-1939, it was published legally in Paris; from 1940 to 1943, it was published in New York. The telegram refers to the article entitled “On the Leningrad Attempt” (“Dopo l’attentato di Leningrado”) in the January (#1) 1935 issue of the journal.