The ECCI Secretariat's resolution to member parties of the Comintern on carrying out the campaign against Trotskyism.


[5 February 1937]

Final text

5.2.37 GDim


In connection with the trial’s outcome, conduct a mobilization of  the com[munist] parties in order to develop a broad, mass campaign against Trotskyism so as to destroy it completely. This must be the task of the whole Party and the entire working class. To this end, it is essential that the Politbureau of every party plan a series of measures aimed at making the campaign, by its character and scale, not only of an intra-party character, but one designed for the widest popular masses. It is necessary to show these masses [that] Trotskyism is an agency of fascism, and [to show] Trotsky and Trotskyists as the most dastardly  enemies of the USSR, as enemies of the peoples’ liberty and independence, as advocates of the restoration of capitalism in the USSR, and as warmongers. Using the trial materials, this campaign must give a complete and concrete picture of the Trotskyists’ counterrevolutionary activities in Spain and France, as well as their wrecking work in the workers’ movement throughout the world and in each given country, [and] by their attempts to subvert the movement toward the United [Popular] Front and the working class unity. In addition to the trial materials, it is essential to base this mass campaign upon the facts of the Trotskyists’ counterrevolutionary activity in each specific country, taking into account its local conditions and the level of the workers movement. It is essential to explain,  on the basis of the facts revealed at the trial, the harm that is caused in each country by the Trotskyists’ subversive activity and by Trotsky’s arrangement with German fascism and Japanese militarism. During the campaign, it is necessary to strive to get those people and organizations affiliated with Trotskyism to disassociate themselves from Trotsky as an agent of fascism. At the same time, during the campaign, the broad masses of people must put forward the demand to expel Trotsky from Mexico, [and] the demand that Trotsky face the proletarian court of the USSR rather than hide behind the back of agents whom he has recruited.

In addition to party meetings that explain the results of the trial, this campaign should take the form of broad mass meetings in which the most prominent party representatives have to participate, as well as members of other parties and organizations who have expressed a readiness to fight against Trotskyism as a fascist agency. When carrying out this campaign, there should be a differentiated approach to different strata of the population (working class, peasantry, intelligentsia, etc.). The Secretariat considers it very expedient for comrades who were present at the trial--Cachin, Vaillant-Couturier, Linderut, Humbert-Droz and others--to give speeches in the largest European capitals.

The Secretariat also considers it essential that the parties and their local organizations, as well as communists working in the non-party organizations, conduct a thorough verification of the ranks of these organizations so as to expose double-dealing Trotskyist elements and to throw them out of these organizations. At the same time, it is necessary to intensify the explanatory work in all the party and non-party organizations so that the members of these organizations are not left with unanswered questions, and they will be prepared for the struggle against Trotskyism.

The Secretariat recommends that the C[entral] C[ommittees] of the com[munist] parties and their agit[ation and] prop[aganda department]s plan concrete measures to raise the ideological-political level of the party education, especially of the illegal parties, both in regard to schools, classes, the periodical press, and in regard to all the publishing activity of the party. In this propaganda work, it is necessary to show the real history of the VKP(b) and the October Revolution, the prolonged struggle of the party of Lenin-Stalin against Trotsky, and to show the evolution of Trotskyism which has slid down the path of open counterrevolution and is an agency of fascism.

The Secretariat charges the Press and Propaganda Department of the ECCI Secretariat, together with the Editorial-Publishing [Department] of the ECCI Secretariat, to plan a series of publications on the struggle against Trotskyism on the basis of the proposals of the commission appointed by the Secretariat.


RGASPI, f. 495, op. 2, d. 246, ll. 144-145.

Original in Russian. Typewritten.