Letter from the ECCI Secretariat to the leaders of selected Communist parties regarding propaganda work during the trial of Radek, Pyatakov and others.


17 January 1937


The trial of Radek, Pyatakov and others opens in a few days. It is necessary [to give] in the communist press  the widest possible convincing explanation of the defendants' confessions. It is necessary to organize  a refutation of the arguments of the bourgeois Social Democratic press, which will try to discredit the trial. Immediately initiate a campaign in the press and among the masses against Trotsky and Trotskyism as a terrorist agency,  a gang of wreckers, subversives, spies,  [and] accomplices of the German Gestapo. Even before and during the trial, develop a campaign in the press, not only by reporting on the trial, but also by publishing articles written by the party leaders. Accounts of the trial are to be published in the form of  your newspaper correspondent's special report.




Ercoli 17.1.37

Sent to:

Thorez -- Paris

Pollitt -- London

Browder -- New York

Gottwald -- Prague

Diaz[i] -- Valencia

Linderot[ii] -- Stockholm

P.B. [Political Bureau] -- Brussels

P.B. -- Amsterdam

P.B. -- Copenhagen

Julius -- Paris


RGASPI, f. 495, op. 184, d. 19, ll. 4-5. Outgoing telegrams for 1937. General directives.

Original in German. Handwritten.



* Handwritten in Russian by Togliatti (Trans.).

[i]  José Ramos Díaz (1895-1942).  A  member of the CP Spain from 1927; a member of the CC and General Secretary of the party from 1932. An ECCI member after 1935. In February 1939, he emigrated to the USSR. That same year he was elected an ECCI Secretary.

[ii]  Sven Linderot (1889-1956). In 1908-1916, a member of the Social Democratic Party of Sweden. In 1921, he joined the CPSwed and, after 1927, was a member of its CC and Political Bureau. In 1928-1949, he was the General Secretary of the party, later Chairman of the party. In 1949, he was relieved of this post because of poor health. After 1951, he was the Political Secretary of the CC CPSwed. Between 1935 and 1943, he was a candidate member of the ECCI Presidium.