Document 1


Telegram from the Comintern's Youth Organization to Gilbert Green, CPUSA, regarding the struggle against oppositionists.


1 January 1935

To Ney [sic] York Youth CC Green


            The investigation of the murder of Kirov brought out the deathly [sic] picture of the counter-revolutionary work of the remnants of the former Zinoviev-Trotskyist opposition which lost all hopes [sic] of the the support of the masses and prepared to murder Stalin and his co-workers and gain the downfall of the Soviet power by intervention of the imperialists.

            Trotsky--one of the chief organizers and spirit of this criminal fascist group[--]carries full responsibility for the killing of Kirov.  Broadly explain to the toiling youth, especially the socialist [sic], the counter-revolutionary fascist character of the role of Trotsky and the trotskyists.  Achieve the complete expulsion of the trotskyists from the workers' movement.

            With everyday work, continually explain the great role of Stalin[,] continuer of the work of Marx-Lenin, the genial organizer of the victory of socialism in the USSR, the [be]loved leader of the international proletariat.

            Point out that Stalin as a great leader and friend and person is surrounded by the love of hundreds of millions.  Call to [sic] the youth to study the genial works of the life and struggle of Lenin-Stalin, educate themselves in a Leninist-Stalinist quality, work in the spirit of the unlimited trust and love for Stalin and his co-workers--members of the Political Bureau of the CP SU.




f. 495, op. 184, d. 26, outgoing 1935g. to New York, ch. 1, l. 1.

Original in English.  Typewritten.


[i]Signatures at the bottom of the telegram indicate that Vasili T. Chemodanov, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the KIM from 1930 to 1937, and Alexander L. Abramov, who headed  the OMS from 1926, and was the deputy head of the Communications Department from 1935, approved the text.  Chemodanov (1903-37) joined the VKP in 1924.  He was arrested by  the NKVD on the evening of 15-16 September 1937, and sentenced to be shot on 27 November 1937.  Abramov (pseudonym Mirov) (1895-1937) joined the Bolsheviks in 1916. He was arrested in 1937 and executed on 26 November 1937.