Memorandum from M. Kreps to Dimitrov regarding publications about the “Trotskyist-Zinovievite terrorist center” trial.


25 August 1936

to c. Kreps*

Com[rade] Dimitrov!

I am asking for [your] directives regarding publications dealing with the [recently] concluded trial of the Trotskyist-Zinovievyite terrorists.

My suggestions concerning immediate measures are:

agree! 1) To publish the speech by c[omrade] Vyshinsky as a pamphlet in several languages, with the indictment and the verdict attached. The translation is being completed. I have attached the title page (for foreign publishers).[i] I ask you approve it or give other directives.

agree! 2) To publish the whole abridged report of the trial, as it was published in "Pravda," with the indictment, Vyshinsky's speech and the verdict in German, French, English and Spanish languages and, if possible, in Chinese, Czech, Dutch and other languages.

Talk to c. Manuilsky. GD To attach to the report materials reflecting the reaction of the masses to the terrorists' crimes as well as information on the history of the Trotskyists-Zinovievites.

The report is to be preceded by an introduction written by an authoritative person, chosen by you or by the CC VKP(b).

3) To publish the collection LENIN-STALIN on Trotsky and Trotskyism (already translated in manuscript into several languages). Entrust its re-writing (introduction, references, etc.) to a person of your choice or in agreement with the CC VKP(b).

4) To publish separate pamphlets for each country written by local comrades and designed to use the trial materials for the struggle against specific Trotskyists in specific countries. For this purpose, an appropriate recommendation is to be given by the Secretariat to the Parties.

5) To write here, in the shortest possible time, an impressive pamphlet on the trial against Trotsky and Trotskyism-fascism, which we could publish in large numbers. I am asking you to determine the author and the editor.


/M. Kreps/


RGASPI, f. 495, op. 78, d. 141, l. 104.

Original in Russian. Typewritten. Handwritten notes in the margins by G. Dimitrov.




* Handwritten by Dimitrov

[i] The title page is missing from the file.