Document 15

Telegram from the ECCI Secretariat to the CPGB on the lessons of Trotskyist "counter-revolutionary activity" as revealed by the August 1936 trial.


22/8 1936





Trial gang Trotzky-Zinoviev unveils picture [of] huge crime of these mean degenerates stop These abominable traitors of working class, recognizing all hope lost regards failure socialist construction and having no support within country, made terror to [sic] chief method of their counterrevolutionary activity stop Now it has been clearly established that criminal murder of Kirov has been prepared and carried through according to direct instructions of Trotzky and Zinoviev, that according to their immediate instructions have been prepared a serie[s] of other terrorist actions against leaders of CPSU [VKP] and Soviet State, in first place against comrade Stalin stop Now it has been ascertained documentarily [sic] that they have established direct connections with the fascist GESTAPO in order to carry through their terroristic activity stop RUNAG[i] will inform fully about course of trial stop Point out newspapers['] necessity [to] utilize widely this material in order to tear off definitively mask of mean agent of fascism stop. With facts in hand prove, that trotzkism [sic] is vanguard [of] counterrevolutionary bourgeoisie, that he maintains open connections with Hearst press in United State of America and separate connections with fascist GESTAPO, that to-day he endeavors in Spain through criminal game with most extreme slogans to facilitate intervention of german and italian fascism and playing into hands of fascist rebels, that he is acting as arch enemy [of the] Soviet Union and participates in preparation [of] war aggression [sic] against Soviet Union, that he is doing sabotage work in workers['] movement, that he is pursuing policy of desorganization [sic] [of] working class, its scattering, that he penetrates into workers['] organizations in order to disrupt united and people[]s front,[ii] that he is acting in the interest of the defeat [of the] working class, in order to act hereafter communist parties and workers movement [sic] stop Unmask fascist aggression of Trotzky[']s home framed up by Trotzky himself together with fascists[iii] in order to hide on eve of judgment over his terroristic gang[,] his connection with fascism and to present himself as a victim of fascism stop Necessary now to secure full liquidation of trotzkism [sic] stop With all forces carry on struggle against all those, who during trial support terrorists of Trotzky stop Secure that socialist and antifascist organizations and press take position against this fascist gang stop Raise question terroristic counterrevolutionary activity trotzkism [sic] in meetings [of] party and workers, give broad publicity resolutions voted in these meetings stigmatizing trotzkist [sic] gang and conveying greetings to working class USSR and Stalin, great leader workers whole world.

Acknowledge receipt. Secretariat



Australia: Zash, Plume, Rozent, Reizinger, Koralov 26/III



RGASPI, f. 495, op. 184, d. 15, Outgoing telegram 1936 General, ll. 61-62

Original in Russian. English translation by ECCI translators. Typewritten.



[i]RUNAG was the informational agency (Rundschau) created by the Comintern in 1933.

[ii]That is the Popular Front, known also as the United Front.

[iii]Refers to the event on the evening of 4-5 August 1936 when a group of individuals from the Norwegian fascist party (National Association), dressed in police uniforms, broke into the house where Trotsky was living in Norway.