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Top Secret


To: Com. Dimitrov

Com. Manuilsky

Com. Moskvin


At the 15. 8. 36 ECCI party organization meeting, upon hearing the Buzynski case, some c[omrades] harshly attacked the Polish section for not having signaled its concerns regarding Buzynski. Even some party committee members (c.[omrades] Chernomordik and Kotelnikov) reproached the Pol[ish] section for failing to inform the Party committee in a timely manner about the Buzynski case.

Since these c[omrades], especially c[omrade] Chernomordik, had been informed about our conclusion on Buzynski (regarding [his] dismissal from the ECCI apparatus and expulsion from the VKP(b)) one month before the meeting, on 14. 7. 36 to be precise, and must have not paid sufficient attention to our conclusion, I consider their behavior at the meeting as improper. This is especially improper since I had talked with c[omrades] Manuilsky and Moskvin about the Buzynski case a month ago (15. 7. 36), and we had agreed that Buzynski should be removed from work.

It is strange that instead Buzynski received a pass to a health resort, and the Pol[ish] section was later criticized for insufficient vigilance.

It is completely understandable that I was not able to protest at the general meeting because I considered it inappropriate. But I thought that some of the ECCI leaders present at the meeting would have found the opportunity to note that this time the Pol[ish] section had not stood around gaping and, after a lengthy verification of Buzynski, had raised the issue of his removal from the ECCI apparatus and his membership in the party in a proper party order (ECCI leadership, Cadres Department).

But unfortunately, nobody mentioned that, despite the fact that it could have been done in a proper way, the more so because we (having noticed the dragging out of the Buzynski case in the Cadres Department) had sent, on 27. 7. 36, a copy of our resolution on Buzynski to the CC VKP(b); but it was kept by com. Moskvin until the investigation of the correctness of our accusations against Buzynski [is completed]. It seems to me that our letter with a copy of the resolution on Buzynski is still being kept in the ECCI apparatus (in Moskvinís Secretariat).

In this connection, I want to remind you that the final resolution of the question of party membership of some members of the Leontiev group (the formation of an anti-party clique and suspicion of provocation) has been delayed for 8 months already, because, in accordance with com. Moskvinís order, the correctness of our suggestions regarding those of the group living in Moscow is still being verified. Meanwhile, those [members of the Leontiev group] living in the BSSR have not only been expelled already from the VKP(b), but have been arrested and condemned by the appropriate organs to varying terms of imprisonment.

I would also like to remind you that the investigation of the Khavkin-Walter case, which had been initiated by us in connection with his Menshevik past and Trotskyist affiliation, has been delayed for a half year already. In February, our P[olitical] B[ureau] charged me with raising this question with com. Moskvin, which I did promptly. Com. Moskvin charged com. Krajewski with verifying the correctness of our accusations, yet Walter continues to work in OMS.* Besides, he has been sent -- at a time when the ECCI leadership was aware of the new materials on the Trotskyist-Zinovievite bloc -- on a trip abroad, before I knew anything about Y[our] decision on his part[y] affairs.

Since we, having learned from bitter experience in the past, have considerably heightened our vigilance, we request most strongly that you guarantee that the results of our vigilance will be acted upon, and not to give cause, to the extent possible, to the generally unjustified attacks on us for any supposed lack of vigilance.

In conclusion, I ask you to inform me about any directives or observations regarding our insufficient vigilance, if you have any, and to contribute to cessation of the groundless attacks against the Pol[ish] section at the general meetings of the party organization, attacks which unjustly put us in a difficult situation.


Representative of the CP Poland in ECCI


17. ††††† VIII. 1936


RGASPI, f. 495, op. 74, d. 399, ll. 11-12.

Original in Russian. Typewritten.



* Otdel Mezhdunarodnoi Sviazi, Department of International Relations of ECCI.By this date, the OMS had been renamed the Comunications Department.