Top secret

Final text

G. Dim[itrov]


1. Oblige the Cadres Department to discontinue the existing practice of keeping on the USSR territory individuals suspected of provocation and espionage, making an exception only in those cases when the appropriate organs demand it.

2. Suggest that the Cadres Department work out and implement a series of measures to send back to capitalist countries all individuals who have not demonstrated in the past the necessary Bolshevik firmness and loyalty to the party, first of all those suspected of espionage and provocation.

3. The Cadres Department should take measures to thoroughly improve the selection of students for the international schools in order to decrease, to the maximum extent possible, the number of those who are unable to return for work to their country.

4. Discontinue the practice of keeping in the USSR those who, for different reasons, either at the time of admission or graduation, had dropped out of the international schools. Take measures to return to their countries all those individuals who had studied in the international schools and had stayed on the USSR territory.

5. The Cadres Department, together with the parties' representatives, should work out a series of measures to prepare the reserves and to send back to their countries all comrades from among the political émigrés who can be used  for work in their countries. Plan similar measures to use the political émigrés in their own country who find themselves [currently] staying in the capitalist countries.

6. The Cadres Department is to assure that the parties firmly follow the line of keeping in their countries those comrades who had already served their term [in prison] and are not threatened with extremely harsh repression.

Conduct a decisive struggle against keeping in the USSR those party and Komsomol members who left their countries without the special permission of the party's C[entral] C[ommittee], as deserters from the battle-field of the class struggle. These individuals should not be considered to be party members and no trust or help should be rendered to them.

7. The Cadres Department, together with the Propaganda Department, should work out a series of measures on the systematic education of the political  émigrés and to shield them from the influence of alien elements and demoralization.[i]


Resolution of the Secretariat

 Read by:

<...> 10/III-36

Andreev  10/III-36

<…> 10/III-36

Cichowski 10/III-36

Palkina   11/III-36

Blagoeva  [10/III-36]

Lebedeva   10/III-36

Golubeva [10/III-36]

Zonbert  20/III-36

<...>   20/III-36

<...>   1/IV




RGASPI, f. 495, op. 18, d. 1073,  ll. 121-123.

Original in Russian. Typewritten.



[i] Attached to the typewritten resolution was a sheet of paper signed by the Cadres Department staff members who, by their signatures, acknowledged having read the resolution. The illegible signatures are indicated by <…>.

At the end of this document was typed:
“To whom to send:

1)     CC of the parties,

2)     Representatives of the parties,

3)     Secretaries and their assistants,

4)     Analysts [referenty] and the Cadres Department’s sector heads.”

That distribution list was crossed out and next to it someone wrote:

one copy to the Secretaries in each language.” That person also wrote the names Kirsanov and Stasova.