Telegram from the ECCI Secretariat to the Communist Parties of the USA, England, France, Begium, Spain, Greece, Holland, Norway and to the South American Bureau on Trotsky's bloc with Hearst


Top Secret


5 February 1936


Trotsky is carrying on a libelous campaign against the Soviet Union and Stalin in the Hearst press.  On 19 January, Trotsky began to publish in the "New York American" a series of articles in which he accuses the Soviet government of imprisoning and torturing "innocent" Trotskyists, and asserts that Stalin and the Comintern aided Hitler's coming to power.  You should use this fact of a bloc between Trotsky and Hearst, the vilest anti-Soviet instigator, the supporter of Hitler, and the local coordinator of American fascism, to further expose the counter-revolutionary role of Trotsky who is the accomplice of fascism in the struggle against the proletarian revolution and the Soviet Union.  At the same time, you should hasten the separation of all honest elements from Trotskyist groups.  Determine during this [campaign] condemning Trotsky's bloc with Hearst who still exhibits sympathies with Trotsky.




                                                                                    G. Dimitrov

                                                                                    D. Manuilsky

                                                                                    M. Moskvin



F. 495, op. 184, d. 77.  General outgoing telegrams for 1936, l. 290.

Original in German, typewritten.