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Finding Your Ethernet Hardware Address: Windows Vista

To determine the EHA of your computer running Windows Vista, please follow the steps below. If you need further assistance, please request help from a Student Tech.

  1. Type cmd in the Start Menu search box. Select cmd.exe.
  2. A DOS command window will appear. At the prompt, type getmac /fo list /v. Your Ethernet card will be listed under Connection Name: Local Area Connection, and your Wireless card will be listed under Connection Name: Wireless Network Connection. Your EHA will be listed next to Physical Address:. If you cannot see your card, please request help from a Student Tech.

    Note: If next to Physical Address: you see Disabled, your network card has been disabled. You must first enable your network card, then re-run the getmac command.
    Go to your Start menu and select Network.

    Select Network and Sharing Center, then Manage network connections.

    Your disabled card will appear grey. Right click and select Enable.
  3. Write down your Ethernet Hardware Addresses exactly as you see it on your screen. EHAs use only hexadecimal characters: they only contain the letters A through F and the numerals 0 through 9.
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