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technology resources for visitors

Computing and other technology resources are available for visitors to the Yale campus. The range of available resources depends on your status, role, and duration of visit. Long-term visitors (with Yale NetID)
Visitors that stay for durations of a semester or more are often provided with Yale IDs and other institution-level services, such as NetIDs and email accounts. In some cases, visiting faculty and scholars are provided with office space and computers.

All visitors on campus with Yale NetIDs have access to the public computing clusters on campus. These clusters offer a variety of computer platforms, software suites, and printing solutions that can be used for basic productivity chores (i.e., word processing), numerical data analysis, desktop publishing, and mulitmedia authoring. In addition, many of the public computing clusters are staffed by computing assistants that can answer common questions. All Yale computing clusters require that users have a valid NetID in order to log onto the machinces.

If you plan on visiting Yale for an extended period of time (such as a full semester) and will be hosted by an academic or administrative department, please contact your host department to determine your IT needs and availability.

Visitors bringing their own computers to campus
Many visitors bring their own laptops to campus for demonstrations, conferences, colloquia, and research. However, access to the campus network is restricted and all machines requiring Internet access must be properly registered. If you will be on campus for an extended period and require network access for your personal computer, please contact your host-department to make arrangements prior to your arrival.

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