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Alternative Media Library and Resource Center of New Haven

An undergraduate initiative at Yale dedicated to fostering non-mainstream creativity

The Alternative Media Library and Resource Center is a media collective and creative venue that seeks to bring underground media, experimental art, and new forms of creative expression to students and the New Haven community as a whole. We want to expose young people to media as a tool for social change, and we believe that providing a safe space for these forms of expression to exist is fundamental to any artistic or political movement. We believe in combining the means and the ends, so in its organization as well as the services it provides, the AMLRC will be a truly collaborative effort, marking an eclectic intersection of youth culture, grassroots community and academia.
The long-term goal of the center is to strengthen the growing community of artists, musicians, and underground culture enthusiasts at Yale and in the surrounding community, and also to introduce students to new and innovative types of media. Our projects include filmmaking ventures, hosting screenings of independent films, facilitating discussions and forums on alternative media and media activism, facilitating the artistic projects of affiliated organizations and individuals. We are a certified non-profit organization, and we seek to use this status to give independent artists and mediamakers access to grants and creative resources.
Where: We are located in New Haven, Connecticut and based on the campus of Yale University.
When: We have occasional organizational meetings and operate year-round. Check our events calendar for information on AMLRC happenings.
Why: One of the primary purposes of the AMLRC is to expose students to non-mainstream forms of communication and art, both within the student body as well as in the city of New Haven. In an era of media dominated by corporate and government hegemony, we strive to challenge the status quo by empowering ourselves through the art of communication.


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