University Research
and Access to Essential Medicines

Background / Inter-University Network

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Q & A (Word)
Getting Started on Activism (Word)

Introductory Materials

Spring 2003 - Univesities Allied for Access to Essential Medicines - Student Conference
Agenda (Word)
History of University IP (PPT)
Univeristy IP Polices (including d4t story) (PPT)

Winter 2004 - Reblaw Workshop
Part I_Access: R&D and IP(PPT)
Part II_Access: Universities and IP (PPT)

Working Toward a Solution: Policy Proposals

1. Fall 2003 Symposium Workshop Report from the Symposium (Word)
2. The Responsibility of Research Universities to Promote Access to Essential Medicines,Ellen F.M. 't Hoen, LL.M. Commentary in the Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics, Summer 2003 available at
3. The Role of University Technology Transfer Operations in Assuring Access to Medicines and Vaccines in Developing Countries,. Lita Nelsen Commentary in the Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics, Summer 2003 available at
4. Global Health and University Patents, Amy Kapczynski, E Tyler Crone, Michael Merson Commentary in Science Magazine, September 16, 2003 available at

Recalling the Beginning: Yale, Activism, and d4t

The High Cost of Living, Le Monde, 2/01
Campus Revolt Challenges Yale Over $40 Million Aids Drug Deal, Guardian of London, 3/13/01

Amy and Goliath, Salon, 5/1/01
BMS allows off-patent d4t production, Bay Area Reporter, 3/23/01
A Molecular Offspring, Off to Join the AIDS Wars, New York Times, 3/20/01
To be added: Petersen and McNeil's 3/15/01 New York Times article, William Prussoff's 3/19/01 New York Times Editorial, etc.

Conservative Compassion, The New Journal
Unlikely Partners Reach Out to AIDS Patients, Yale Herald, 3/23/01
With Patent Policy, A Balance to Strike, YDN, 3/22/01
Yale, Bristol-Myers, and AIDS in Africa, YDN, 3/19/01
Patent on Yale's AIDS Drug Relaxed, YDN, 3/19/01
Yale Says It Cannot Release Drug Patent, YDN, 3/2/01
Doctors' Group Asks Yale to Relax Drug Patent, YDN, 2/28/01

Yale Researchers Respond to Global AIDS Crisis, GESO Summary, 8/2001

ONGOING CONCERNS at Yale and Other Universities
Yale's second stab at fighting global AIDS, 10/18/01
Can Yale help end the AIDS plague?, 10/18/01
Letter to Univ. of Minnesota President re: Abacavir, 4/17/01
AIDS Drug Fight to Continue, 4/2/01