Fall 2003 - Student Training ("Boot Camp")

Introduction to AIDS Pandemic (PPT)
Introduction to Treatment Access (PPT)
Trade Agreements and Treatment Access (PPT)

Other Powerpoint Presentations

AIDS and Access - A Summary (PPT)
Context for Patent Reform - Free Trade and Public Health (PPT)
TRIPS Teach-In (PPT)


The Real State of AIDS Activism at Yale, Yale Daily News 2/20/03
Strict International Patent Laws Hurt Developing Countries, Yale Global 12/16/02
Bush's embarrassing record on the AIDS epidemic, Yale Daily News 12/5/02
Yale's patent policy unfit for AIDS medicines, Yale Daily News 10/19/01


AIDS Vigil stickers.
Do Something...
Pills Cost Pennies...
World AIDS Day Poster
World AIDS Day Poster II

Recommended Readings and Other Links

Universities Allied for Access to Essential Medicines
More to be added.