Professor Yehia Khalil and Senior 2009 Chemical Eng Students: Andrew Brannan, Bonaire Le, Brian, Mark, Paul, Carlos
Chemical Engineering Process Design Class 2009: Professor Yehia Khalil with students Andrew Brannan, Bonaire Le, Brian Huskinson, Mark Schwab, Paul Capello, and Carlos Lopez (left to right).

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) at Yale is a nonprofit organization providing leadership to the chemical engineering profession. Representing 57,000 members in industry, academia, and government, AIChE provides forums to advance the theory and practice of the profession, upholds high professional standards and ethics, and supports excellence in education. Institute members range from undergraduate students, to entry-level engineers, to chief executive officers of major corporations.

Why Chemical Engineering?
At Yale AIChE, we strive to help students see how a chemical engineering degree can accomplish their dreams and we establish the means to make it happen. Chemical engineers have an impact on essentially everything we do, eat, breath, and touch. They process the food we eat, produce the clothes we wear, purify the pharmaceutical drugs we take, isolate the gasoline we use, and manufacture the computers we depend on. Engineers are not limited to the lab but become leaders of finance, medicine, and law. Engineers are in the business of life, helping people live longer and live better lives.

Then why Chemical Engineering at Yale? Chemical Engineering stems from a multidisciplinary field built on a foundation of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. From the solid foundation of the chemical engineering curriculum, comes great intellectual flexibility that integrates an endless number of contributions that leads to endless possibilities.

The Yale education integrates engineering training with a modern liberal arts education. Students benefit from a Yale tradition of the humanities instilling an awareness of the social and political context for their work. Yale, being one of the leading research institutions of the world, students may tackle problems in any field with professors who are most often the forefront of scientific investigation. Most importantly, Yale allows students to explore their scientific endeavors by providing one of the most dynamic and diverse college campuses.