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Colosseum Renovations

The Roman Colosseum is scheduled for a three year, $31 million renovation project beginning December 2012. The project will include repairs to the outside walls of the structure, as well as all internal and subterranean areas. The Colosseum will be open to the public during the restoration project.

BBC, "Italy's Colosseum to be restored with private donation"


Stonehenge Reconsidered

New radiocarbon dating of cremated remains suggests that burials at Stonehenge may have begun earlier than originally estimated and lasted for longer. Evidence now suggests that burials began at the same time as construction at the monument site and continued through the erection of the monument's monolithic stones. While scientists suggest that Stonhenge might have marked the site of a Neolithic royal cemetery, they continue to emphasize the ceremonial functions of this unique monument.  Read more at:

MSNBC, “Did Stonehenge start out as royal cemetery?”
National Geographic, "Stonehenge"