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Journal of Peasant Studies 40th Anniversary special issues (2014)

JPSTo celebrate its 40th anniversary, The Journal of Peasant Studies will be publishing two special issues on “Global Agrarian Transformations.” For free access to the first volume of this collection, please follow the link below:





Conference on Food Sovereignty to be held at Yale in September

The Program in Agrarian Studies and the Journal of Peasant Studies are sponsoring a conference titled “Food Sovereignty: A Critical Dialogue” at Yale on September 14–15, 2013. The conference will bring together leading scholars and political activists who are advocates of and sympathetic to the idea of food sovereignty, as well as those who are skeptical of the concept, to foster a critical and productive dialogue on the issue. The purpose of the meeting is to examine what food sovereignty might mean, how it might be variously construed, and what policies (e.g. of land use, commodity policy, and food subsidies) it implies.

Speakers, authors of papers, and presenters include scholars and advocates from North America and abroad, both within and outside academia. Keynote addresses at the conference will be given by Teodor Shanin (The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences) and Olivier de Schutter (UN Rapporteur for the Right to Food).

The conference is open to the broad public: academics (researchers, students), grassroots activists, development professionals, and the media. There is no conference fee, and free breakfast, snacks and lunches will be provided. Due to limited space, however, advance registration will be required. Registration is now open.

Details of the conference can be found at the new mini-website: Food Sovereignty: A Critical Dialogue (www.yale.edu/agrarianstudies/foodsovereignty/).

For other questions about the conference, email the conference organizers at food.sovereignty2013@gmail.com.

April 19

Rheana Parreñas
Anthropology, Harvard University
“Arrested Autonomy: A Zoo-Ethnography of Indefinitely Deferred Independence in Sarawak, Malaysia”

See the spring schedule or the complete Colloquium schedule for all dates, topics, and speakers. New visitors may also wish to read more about the Program theme.

Colloquium meetings are Fridays, 11am - 1pm, in the seminar room of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS), 77 Prospect Street (see map and directions).

PDF copies of Colloquium papers are usually available one week in advance of a session by clicking on the presenter’s name on this news page (above) or on the series schedule page. (Papers open in a new page.)

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