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Brief View of Session Topics

Plus Special Events Open to the Public

(The Saturday session of the Festival of Films and Slides is in Davis Auditorium; all other events are in Sage Hall, 205 Prospect Street)

Click on a session or event for details, participants, and location at the full Program page.

to top FRIDAY, MAY 17

12:30–1:00, Opening Remarks

1:00–2:15, Plenary Session: “The Chicken and Globalization”

2:15–4:15, Plenary Session: “Perspectives from the Poultry Industry”

4:30–6:00, Plenary Session: “Farmers, Workers, and Organizers Speak Out”

7:30–10:00, Festival of Films and Slides

  • A slide show of Exotic Chickens (7:30)
  • “I Was Content and Not Content": The Story of Linda Lord and the Closing of Penobscot Poultry, slides and readings (8:30)
  • Uncertain Future, a film on Maryland poultry farmers (9:30)

to top SATURDAY, MAY 18

8:30–10:00, Panel A: “The Historical Creation of the Chicken”

8:30–10:00, Panel B: “Small-Scale Chicken Production in the United States: Past, Present, and Future”

10:15–11:45, Panel C: “The Chicken in Folklore and Symbolism”

10:15–11:45, Panel D: “The Engineering of a Global Work Force”

1:00–2:30, Panel E: “When Chickens Come to Town: The Impact on Communities”

1:00–2:30, Panel F: “Chicken Consumption: History, Culture, Choice, and Taste”

2:45–4:15, Panel G: “Economics and Politics in the Making of Big Chicken”

2:45–4:15, Panel H: “Alternatives to the Industrial Chicken: Sustainable Poultry Production”

4:30–6:00, Plenary Session: “Engineering a Verticalized Industry: Contracting Growers’ Roles, Rights, Communities, and Incomes”

8:00–10:30, Festival of Films and Slides (continued)

  • Life and Debt, film shown at 8:00 followed by question and answer session

to top SUNDAY, MAY 19

8:30–9:45, Plenary Session: “Chickens and Nutrition: White Meat and Obesity”

9:45–11:15, Panel I: “Ecological and Human Health Consequences of Industrialized Chicken”

9:45–11:15, Panel J: “Animal Welfare Issues Surrounding Poultry”

11:30–1:00, Panel K: “Environmental Consequences of Industrialized Poultry Operations”

11:30–1:00, Panel L: “Local and Global: Poultry Production Systems around the World”


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Conference Graphics: Details from A Rooster and a Hen by Yang Shanshen. Yale University Art Gallery. The Clyde and Helen Wu Collection of Chinese Paintings. Gift of Dr. Clyde Wu.
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