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Conference Program

(table of contents)


  • 8:30–10:00, Panel A: ?The Historical Creation of the Chicken?
  • 8:30–10:00, Panel B: ?Small-Scale Chicken Production in the United States: Past, Present, and Future?
  • 10:15–11:45, Panel C: ?The Chicken in Folklore and Symbolism?
  • 10:15–11:45, Panel D: ?The Engineering of a Global Work Force?
  • 1:00–2:30, Panel E: ?When Chickens Come to Town: The Impact on Communities?
  • 1:00–2:30, Panel F: ?Chicken Consumption: History, Culture, Choice, and Taste?
  • 2:45–4:15, Panel G: ?Economics and Politics in the Making of Big Chicken?
  • 2:45–4:15, Panel H: ?Alternatives to the Industrial Chicken: Sustainable Poultry Production?
  • 4:30–6:00, Plenary Session: ?Engineering a Verticalized Industry: Contracting Growers’ Roles, Rights, Communities, and Incomes?
  • 8:00–10:30, Festival of Films and Slides (continued)
  • 8:30–9:45, Plenary Session: ?Chickens and Nutrition: White Meat and Obesity?
  • 9:45–11:15, Panel I: ?Ecological and Human Health Consequences of Industrialized Chicken?
  • 9:45–11:15, Panel J: ?Animal Welfare Issues Surrounding Poultry?
  • 11:30–1:00, Panel K: ?Environmental Consequences of Industrialized Poultry Operations?
  • 11:30–1:00, Panel L: ?Local and Global: Poultry Production Systems around the World?


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to top 12:00–12:30, Registration and Light Lunch
Bowers Auditorium

to top 12:30–1:00, Opening Remarks
Bowers Auditorium

James Scott, Program in Agrarian Studies, Yale University
Mary Summers, University of Pennsylvania
Deborah Davis, Yale Center for the Study of Globalization

to top 1:00–2:15, Plenary Session
Bowers Auditorium

“The Chicken and Globalization”

Michael Pollan, independent author and journalist
Mark Ritchie, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Michael Watts, University of California, Berkeley

to top 2:15–4:15, Plenary Session
Bowers Auditorium

“Perspectives from the Poultry Industry”

Richard Lobb, National Chicken Council
Paul Aho, Poultry Perspectives
Michael Darre, University of Connecticut
Wes Jamison, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

to top 4:15–4:30, Coffee Break
Sage Lounge

to top 4:30–6:00, Plenary Session
Bowers Auditorium

“Farmers, Workers, and Organizers Speak Out”

Reverend Jim Lewis, founder, Delmarva Poultry Justice Alliance
Patrick Harmon, catcher, Delmarva Poultry Justice Alliance
Maria Martinez, organizer, United Food and Commercial Workers
Carole Morison, community organizer, Delmarva Poultry Justice Alliance
Rosa Sutton, President, Helping Hands, Siler City, NC

to top 6:00–7:30, Reception and Informal Buffet Dinner (for conference participants only)
Sage Lounge

to top 7:30–10:00, Festival of Films and Slides
Bowers Auditorium

Stephen Green-Armytage, photographer and author, Extraordinary Chickens
A slide show of exotic chickens (7:30)
Linda Lord, Alicia Rouverol, and Cedric Chatterley
“I Was Content and Not Content": The Story of Linda Lord and the Closing of Penobscot Poultry, slides and readings (8:30)
Chris Bedford, Maryland Sierra Club
Uncertain Future, a film on Maryland poultry farmers (9:30)

to top SATURDAY, MAY 18

to top 8:30–10:00, Panel A
Bowers Auditorium

“The Historical Creation of the Chicken”

Discussant: James Scott, Yale University

Donald Bixby, American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
“Genetic Diversity Provides a Breed for Every Need”
Roger Horowitz, Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society, Hagley Museum and Library
“Making the Chicken of Tomorrow, 1945–1990”
Barry Koffler,
“The Chicken in America: The Past ... the Internet, the Future?"

to top 8:30–10:00, Panel B
Sage 24

“Small-Scale Chicken Production in the United States: Past, Present, and Future”

Discussant: Glenda Gilmore, Yale University

Lu Ann Jones, East Carolina University
“The Chicken Business: Southern Women and Poultry Production, 1900–1940”
Jane Adams, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
“Modernity and U.S. Farmwomen’s Poultry Operations, or Farm Women Nourish the Industrializing Cities 1880–1940”
Deborah Fink, independent anthropologist, IA
“Alternative Chickens and Eggs: Constructing Quality, Markets, and History”

to top 10:00–10:15, Coffee Break
Sage Lounge

to top 10:15–11:45, Panel C
Bowers Auditorium

“The Chicken in Folklore and Symbolism”

Discussant: Linda-Anne Rebhun, Yale University

Boria Sax, Mercy College
“The Fighting Cock and the Brooding Hen: Chickens as Symbols of Gender in Folklore and Literature”
Kamari Maxine Clarke, Yale University
“Animal Sacrifice as Human Sacrifice? Rethinking the Modernity of Yoruba Ritual Meaning”
Michael Dove, Yale University
“Chickens as Social Mediators and Currency in Borneo”
Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns
“Thinking Like a Chicken”

to top 10:15–11:45, Panel D
Sage 24

“The Engineering of a Global Work Force”

Discussant: Cindy Hahamovitch, College of William and Mary

Stephen Striffler, University of Arkansas
“‘We're All Mexican Here’: Inside (and Outside) a Tyson Plant”
David Griffith, East Carolina University
“Constructing a Chicken Line: Network Recruitment and Labor Control in the Southern Poultry Industry”
Leon Fink, University of Illinois-Chicago
“Corn People on a Poultry Line: Notes from an Immigrant Worker’s Struggle”
Gunther Peck, University of Texas
“The Nature of Labor: Chicken-Catchers on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, 1995–Present”

to top 12:00–1:00, Lunch Break
Sage Lounge

to top 1:00–2:30, Panel E
Bowers Auditorium

“When Chickens Come to Town:
The Impact on Communities”

Discussant: Robert Evenson, Yale University

William Weida, The Colorado College and the Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE) Factory Farm Project
“The Effects of CAFO Location Decisions on the Regional Economies”
Christopher Bedford, Maryland Sierra Club and Humane Society of the United States
“Chickens in the Food Ecosystem”
Donald Stull, University of Kansas
“Tour de Stench: Poultry Growers, Environmentalists, and the Future of Farming in Kentucky”

to top 1:00–2:30, Panel F
Sage 24

“Chicken Consumption:
History, Culture, Choice, and Taste”

Discussant: James Watson, Harvard University

Paul Freedman, Yale University
“Images of the Medieval Pheasant: The Chicken and Other Fowl in Medieval Cuisine and Ceremony”
Fuji Lozada, Davidson College
“KFC, Chicken Flu, Free-Range Chickens, and Other Poultry Politics in Post-socialist China”
Elizabeth Wheeler, Hartford Food Systems
“Chicken Eaters and Choice in Hartford”
Yen Hsieh, Procter and Gamble
“Chicken Flavor — the Quintessential Ingredient of Good Taste!”

to top 2:30–2:45, Coffee Break
Sage Lounge

to top 2:45–4:15, Panel G
Bowers Auditorium

“Economics and Politics in the Making of Big Chicken”

Discussant: Timothy Pachirat, Yale University

Michael Stumo, Organization for Competitive Markets
“Market Power and Fairness Issues”
Chris Foster, Food Processing and Manufacturing Division, United Food and Commercial Workers
“Expanding Products — Increasing Production”
Steven Etka, Campaign for Contract Agriculture Reform
“Silence is Not Golden: The Grower-Integrator Relationship in the Poultry Sector”
Chuck Shipley, attorney, Tulsa
“Big Chicken's Control of Local Politics Creates Tyranny in the Heartland”

to top 2:45–4:15, Panel H
Sage 24

“Alternatives to the Industrial Chicken:
Sustainable Poultry Production”

Discussant: Suzanne Millman,
Humane Society of the United States

Randall Westgren, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
“The French Label Rouge Poultry System: Sustainability, Safety, and Quality from Hatchery to Table”
Pamela Marshall, Seldom Seen Farm, Armenia, NY
“Finding Your Niche — Heritage Breeds in Small-Scale Farming”
Michael Shuman, Bay Friendly Chicken
“Bay Friendly Chicken: Reinventing Factory-Scale Poultry Production”

to top 4:15–4:30, Coffee Break
Sage Lounge

to top 4:30–6:00, Plenary Session
Bowers Auditorium

“Engineering a Verticalized Industry: Contracting Growers’ Roles, Rights, Communities, and Incomes”

Discussant: Kendall Thu, Northern Illinois University

William Heffernan, University of Missouri
“Industry Concentration and the Changing Environment for Contract Farming: A 30-Year Study of Poultry Growers in Union Parish, Louisiana”
Mary Clouse, Contract Agriculture Reform Project, RAFI-US
“Poultry Grower Attempts to Organize”
Eric Tabor, Iowa Attorney General’s Office
“The Experience of Contract Poultry Growers: Clear Evidence of the Need for Producer Protection Legislation”

to top 6:00–8:00, Dinner (for conference participants only)
Kline Biology Tower

  • Linnea Johnson, poultry farmer and independent poet
  • Poetry reading during dinner
  • Other dramatic readings performed by Yale students

to top 8:00–10:30, Festival of Films and Slides (continued)
Davis Auditorium

Stephanie Black, filmmaker
Life and Debt, film shown at 8:00 followed by question and answer session

to top SUNDAY, MAY 19

8:30–9:45, Plenary Session
Bowers Auditorium

“Chickens and Nutrition: White Meat and Obesity”

Discussant: Susan Levine, University of Illinois, Chicago

Marion Nestle, New York University
“A Nutritionist's View of Chicken: From Farm to Table”
Kelly Brownell, Yale University
“Chicken as Part of the World's Fattening Environment”

to top 9:45–11:15, Panel I
Bowers Auditorium

“Ecological and Human Health Consequences of Industrialized Chicken”

Discussant: Mark Cullen, MD, Yale University

Polly Walker, MD, Center for a Livable Future, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
“Interconnections: Diet, Health, Environment, and Food Production”
Ellen Silbergeld, MD, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
“Environmental Pathways of Antibiotic Resistance from Food Animal Production”
David Moskowitz, worker’s compensation attorney
“Representing the Injured Poultry Worker:  America's Disposable Employee”

to top 9:45–11:15, Panel J
Sage 24

“Animal Welfare Issues Surrounding Poultry”

Discussant: Susan Sperling, University of California, San Francisco

Richard Wood, Food Animals Concern Trust
“Animal Welfare and Food Safety — The Chicken or the Egg?”
Michael Appleby, Humane Society of the United States
“The European Union Ban on Battery Cages: History and Prospects”
Wayne Pacelle, Humane Society of the United States
“Cockfighting in the United States: A Political and Cultural Examination”

to top 11:15–11:30, Coffee Break
Sage Lounge

to top 11:30–1:00, Panel K
Bowers Auditorium

“Environmental Consequences of Industrialized Poultry Operations”

Discussant: Sylvia Tesh, Yale University

JoAnn Burkholder, Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology, North Carolina State University
“Environmental Impacts of Concentrated Poultry Feed Operations”
Amy Chapin, The Johns Hopkins University
“Managing Chicken Waste: Policies and Ideas at the State and National Levels”
Heather Williams, Pomona College
“Tulsa Blues: Phosphorus, Fish Kills, and Foul Drinking Water”
Nicolette Hahn, attorney and sustainable agriculture consultant
“Concentrated Animal Operations — Illegally Polluting Our Waters and Air”

to top 11:30–1:00, Panel L
Sage 24

“Local and Globa Poultry Production Systems around the World”

Discussant: Eric Worby, Yale University

Noel Honeyborne, Fowls for Africa, South Africa
“Fowls for Africa — Providing Poultry Production Resources for Small-Scale Systems”
Marla Naidoo, University of Zululand, South Africa
“Small-Scale Production and Indigenous Knowledge on Chickens in Zulu Communities”
David Burch, Griffith University, Australia
“Integrating Chicken Production and Consumption: Conglomerate Companies and Fast Food Chains in Southeast Asia”
Lamin Nyangado, Action Aid Gambia
“A Case Study of Poultry ‘Dumping’: The Effects of European Union Poultry Exports on the Poultry Industry in The Gambia”
to bottom
Conference Graphics: Details from A Rooster and a Hen by Yang Shanshen. Yale University Art Gallery. The Clyde and Helen Wu Collection of Chinese Paintings. Gift of Dr. Clyde Wu.
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