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9:00-11:30, Session 1A, “Money, Markets, and Theories of Value”

9:00-11:30, Session 1B, “States and Agrarian Change I”

1:00-3:00, Session 2A, “Movements and Settlement”

1:00-3:00, Session 2B, “States and Agrarian Change II”

3:30-5:30, Session 3A, “Subalternity, Violence, and Resistance”

3:30-5:30, Session 3B, “Power, Institutions, and Place I”


9:00-11:30, Session 4A, “Power, Institutions, and Place II”

9:00-11:30, Session 4B, “Discursive Communities and the Aesthetics of Nature I”

1:00-3:00, Session 5A, “Power, Institutions, and Place III”

1:00-3:00, Session 5B, “Discursive Communities and the Aesthetics of Nature II”

3:30-5:30, Session 6, “Kinship, Property, and Belonging in Historical Perspective”

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