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Complete Schedule

  • FRIDAY, MAY 12
    • 8:15-9:00, Coffee and Breakfast
    • 9:00-11:30, Session 4A, “Power, Institutions, and Place II”
    • 9:00-1130, Session 4B, “Discursive Communities and the Aesthetics of Nature I”
    • 11:45-12:45, Lunch
    • 1:00-3:00, Session 5A, “Power, Institutions, and Place III”
    • 1:00-3:00, Session 5B, “Discursive Communities and the Aesthetics of Nature II”
    • 3:30-5:30, Session 6, “Kinship, Property, and Belonging in Historical Perspective”
    • 6:30-9:30, Dinner

    FRIDAY, MAY 12

    8:15-8:45 Coffee and Breakfast
    Luce Hall Common Area

    8:45-9:00 Opening Remarks

    Jim Scott (tentatively)

    9:00-11:30, Session 1A
    Luce Hall Room 202

    “Money, Markets, and Theories of Value”

    Discussant: Pauline Peters

    Jennifer Alexander and Paul Alexander
    “Inventing Money, Setting Prices, Creating Markets: Notes on the Politics of Value in Jepara, Indonesia”
    Henry Bernstein
    “Marxism Against the Peasantry?”
    Heinzpeter Znoj
    “The Money Economy of the Peasant”
    Bill Maurer
    “Forms of Money and Frameworks of Globalization”

    9:00-11:30, Session 1B
    Luce Hall Room 203

    “States and Agrarian Change I”

    Discussant: Margaret Bolsterli

    Larry Lohmann
    “Shopping for Carbon: A New Plantation Politics”
    Jesse Ribot
    “Science and Profit in Environmental Management: Just Another Story about a Crisis That Wasn’t”
    Kathy Cooke
    “Safeguarding Local Knowledge or Protecting Scientific Development?: The Origins of the Agricultural Seed Certification Program in the United States”
    James McCann
    “Climate and Class in Highland Ethiopia: Historical Agronomy”

    11:45-12:45 Lunch
    Luce Hall Common Area

    1:00-3:00, Session 2A
    Luce Hall Room 202

    “Movements and Settlement”

    Discussants: Angelique Haugerud and Witoon Permpongsacheroen

    Franz Schryer
    “The Dutch in Ontario Agriculture”
    Gabriele Rasuly-Paleczek
    “Migration and Its Impact on Rural Society in Turkey”
    Paula Worby
    “Security and Dignity: Land Access and Guatemala’s Returned Refugees”
    Cindy Hahamovitch
    “The Banality of Exploitation: The Rise and Disappearance of Caribbean Labor in Florida’s Sugar Industry”
    Mary Beth Mills
    “From Peasant to (Global) Citizen and Back Again?: Locating and Dislocating Rural Identity in Thailand”

    1:00-3:00, Session 2B
    Luce Hall, Room 203

    “States and Agrarian Change II”

    Discussant: Margaret Keck

    Roderick Neumann
    “Ordering the Landscape for Social and Ecological Control in Twentieth-Century Tanzania”
    Steve Striffler
    “The Logic of the Enclave: United Fruit, Peasant Worker Struggle, and Capitalist Transformation in Ecuador”
    Sumit Guha
    “Claims on the Commons: Political Power and Natural Resources in Precolonial India”
    Thomas Summerhill
    “The United States as a Postcolonial State, 1789-1865”

    3:00-3:30 Coffee/tea break
    Luce Hall Common Area

    3:30-5:30, Session 3A
    Luce Hall Room 202

    “Subalternity, Violence, and Resistance”

    Discussant: Scott Nelson

    Catharine Newbury
    “Rwanda: Land, Politics, and Violence in Historical Perspective”
    Ricardo Salvatore
    “Subalterns, Politics and Markets in Rosa’s Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1829-1852”
    Paul Greenough
    “The Fabulization of ‘Man-Eating’ and Human Violence: Bio-ironies of Wildlife Conservation in the Indian Forest”
    Nancy Peluso
    “Rain Forests and Violence in Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo”

    3:30-5:30, Session 3B
    Luce Hall Room 203

    “Power, Institutions, and Place I”

    Discussant: Catherine LeGrande

    Cecilia Mendez
    “Languages and Practices of Power in Rural Andean Society: Huanta and the Early Republic of Peru”
    Gaston Gordillo
    “The Locations of Hegemony: The Places and Politics of the Toba Struggle for La Comuna, 1989- 99”
    Eric Tagliacozzo
    “Silent Ships Across the Water: Smuggling, Ethnicity, and Peasant Production on Sumatra’s Pepper Coast”
    Paolo Squatriti
    “Boundaries, Territoriality, and Earthworks in Early Medieval Europe”

    6:30-9:30 Dinner
    [restricted to conference participants only]
    Kline Biology Tower Dining Hall

    Speaker: Jim Scott


    8:15-9:00 Coffee and Breakfast
    Luce Hall Common Area

    9:00-11:30, Session 4A
    Luce Hall Room 202

    “Power, Institutions, and Place II”

    Discussant: David Newbury

    Donna Perry
    “Marabouts and Merchants in Flux: The Impact of Neoliberal Policy on Rural Elite in Senegal”
    Rebecca Hardin
    “Concessionary Politics in the Congo: State, Company, and Clan-based Powers in the Struggle for Control of Forest Products in Central African Republic”
    Alexander Naty
    “Commercial Farming in the Western Lowlands of Eritrea: A Critical Appraisal”
    Eric Worby
    “Object Relations: Itineraries of Power and the Agency of Things in Northwestern Zimbabwe”

    9:00-11:30, Session 4B
    Luce Hall Room 203

    “Discursive Communities and the Aesthetics of Nature I”

    Discussant: Bill Christian

    Liana Vardi
    “Was there a Physiocratic Aesthetic?”
    Robert Baldwin
    “The Culture of Nature in Early Modern Europe”
    Hugh Raffles
    “The Dreamlife of Ecology”
    Richard Grove
    “Islands and the Origins of Environmental History”

    11:45-12:45 Lunch
    Luce Hall Common Area

    1:00-3:00, Session 5A
    Luce Hall Room 202

    “Power, Institutions, and Place III”

    Discussant: Ebrima Sall

    Ahmad Kamal
    “The Poor and the NGO Process in Bangladesh: Adjustments and Complicities”
    Cassandra Moseley
    “Between State and Community: Building Community-based Conservation in the Pacific Northwest”
    Rohan D’Souza
    “Military, Property, and Empire: The Decline of the Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals”

    1:00-3:00, Session 5B
    Luce Hall Room 203

    “Discursive Communities and the Aesthetics of Nature II”

    Discussant: Lee Wandel

    Celia Lowe
    “Translating Nature: Heteroglossia and Polyglossia in the Languages of Nature-making”
    Stacy Leigh Pigg
    “Notes on the Social Production of Commensurability: Science, Facts, and Language in the Communication of HIV/AIDS Information in Nepal”
    Amitava Kumar
    “A Booker Prize Writer and a River”

    3:00-3:30 Coffee/tea break
    Luce Hall Common Area

    3:30-5:30, Session 6
    Luce Hall Room 202

    “Kinship, Property, and Belonging in Historical Perspective”

    Discussants: K. Sivaramakrishnan and Sugata Bose

    David Nugent
    “The Great Transformation and its Critics: Kin, Community, Property, and Democracy in Twentieth-century Latin America”
    Marc Edelman
    “Sources of Weakness and Strength in Transnational Small Farmers’ Movements”
    Peter Vandergeest
    “Resources and the Racialization of Space: Thailand and Malaysia”
    William Kelly
    “Green Revolutions and Smallholders: The Culture and Political Economy of Farm Families in Modern Japan”
    Michael Dove
    “At the Margins of State Control and Everyday Reality: Belonging on Merapi Volcano, Central Java”
    Parker Shipton
    "Legalism and Loyalism: Comparing European and African Understandings of ‘Rights’”

    Conferencing and Breakouts
    Luce Hall Room 203

    6:30-9:30 Dinner
    [restricted to conference participants only]
    Kline Biology Tower Dining Hall

    Speaker: Terence J. Byres
    Journal of Peasant Studies
    Emeritus Professor of Political Economy
    The University of London

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