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Paper Authors, Discussants, Speakers, Conference Organizers

(in alphabetical order)

Thomas Abercrombie [Discussant]
New York University
Arun Agrawal [Conference Organizer]
Yale University
Jennifer Alexander
University of Sydney
Paul Alexander
University of Sydney
Robert Baldwin
Connecticut College
Henry Bernstein
University of London
Margaret Bolsterli [Discussant]
Cherry Creek Farm
Sugata Bose [Discussant]
Tufts University
Terence J. Byres [Speaker]
Journal of Peasant Studies, Emeritus Professor of Political Economy, The University of London
Bill Christian [Discussant]
Las Palmas, Canary Islands
Kathy Cooke
Quinnipiac College
Rohan D’Souza
Yale University
Michael Dove
Yale University
Marc Edelman
City University of New York/Hunter College
Gaston Gordillo
Yale University
Paul Greenough
University of Iowa
Richard Grove
The Australian National University
Sumit Guha
Brown University
Cindy Hahamovitch
College of William and Mary
Rebecca Hardin
Yale University
Angelique Haugerud [Discussant]
Rutgers University
Ahmed Kamal
University of Dhaka
Margaret Keck [Discussant]
Johns Hopkins University
William Kelly
Yale University
Amitava Kumar
University of Florida
Catherine LeGrande [Discussant]
McGill University
Larry Lohmann
Celia Lowe
University of Washington
Kay Mansfield [Conference Coordinator]
Yale University Program in Agrarian Studies
Kieko Matteson
Yale University
Bill Maurer
University of California/Irvine
James McCann
Boston University
Cecilia Mendez
University of California/Santa Barbara
Mary Beth Mills
Colby College
Cassandra Moseley
University of Florida
Alexander Naty
University of Asmara
Scott Nelson [Discussant]
College of William and Mary
Roderick Neumann
Florida International University
Catharine Newbury
University of North Carolina
David Newbury [Discussant]
University of North Carolina
David Nugent
Colby College
Nancy Peluso
University of California/Berkeley
Witoon Permpongsacharoen [Discussant]
Donna Perry
Western Oregon University
Pauline Peters [Discussant]
Harvard University
Stacy Leigh Pigg
Simon Fraser University
Hugh Raffles
University of California/Santa Cruz
Gabriele Rasuly-Paleczek
University of Vienna
Jesse Ribot
World Resources Institute
Ebrima Sall [Discussant]
Ricardo Salvatore
Instituto Torcuato Di Tella
Frans Schryer
University of Guelph
Jim Scott [Speaker]
Director, Program in Agrarian Studies, Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science, Yale University
Parker Shipton
Boston University
K. Sivaramakrishnan [Discussant]
University of Washington
Paolo Squatriti
University of Michigan
Jessica Stites [Conference Coordinator]
Yale University Program in Agrarian Studies
Steve Striffler
University of Arkansas
Thomas Summerhill
Michigan State University
Eric Tagliacozzo
Cornell University
Peter Vandergeest
York University
Liana Vardi
State University of New York/Buffalo
Lee Wandel [Discussant]
University of Wisconsin
Eric Worby
Yale University
Paula Worby
Yale University
Heinzpeter Znoj
University of Bern

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