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Program in Agrarian Studies
Yale University
April 17-18, 1998

Conference Schedule

Friday, April 17, 1998

2:30 - 2:45    OPENING REMARKS

James C. Scott, Director , Program in Agrarian Studies


2:45 - 4:45    PANEL I

Bondage, Dependency, Civilizing Projects

-- "Los Hijos del Azar: Culture, Class, and Parenthood in Late 19th and Early 20th Century Chile"

Nara Milanich

-- "The Effects of Ecological Hazards, Political Transformations, and Economic Change in the Senegambia during the Era of the Slave Trade"

Adam Marchand

-- "Finding Captivity among the Peasantry: The Malay/Indonesian World (1850-1925)"

Eric Tagliacozzo

-- "From Forest-dwelling Foragers to Indonesian Citizens: The Resettlement and Incorporation of the Forest Tobelo of Central Halmahera"

Christopher Duncan

Discussant: Pauline Peters
Institute for International Development
Harvard University
(Program Fellow 1995-1996)

Saturday, April 18, 1998


8:30 - 10:30    PANEL II

Marks on the Land: Space, Property Landscape, Identity

-- "State Cartography and Fugitive Landscapes in Veracruz, Mexico"

Raymond Craib

-- "Are They Making Fun of Us? Exploring State-Society Relations through Narratives of Development, Politics, and Oral Traditions"

Amity Doolittle

-- "The Bangando, People of the Crocodile: Tracing Threads of Identity through Oral History"

Stephanie Rupp

-- "All That Is Solid Dissolves into Water: Nature, Locality, and Making of Ipixuna Miranda"

Hugh Raffles

Discussant: Eric Worby
Department of Anthropology
Yale University


10:45-12:45    PANEL III

Managing Development: Development, Ecology, Justice

-- "Power, Politics, and Position: the Christian commission for Development and the Structure of Power in Honduras"

David Bronkema

-- "Rethinking Gender, Bureaucracy, and International Development in the Makalu-Barun National Park and Conservation Area"

Nina Bhatt

-- "Safari Hunting in Central African Republic"

Rebecca Hardin

-- "Neo-liberalism and Agricultural Cooperatives in Honduras"

David Sanders

Discussant: Catherine LeGrand
Department of History
McGill University
(Program Fellow 1993-1994)


12:45-2:00    LUNCH


2:00-4:00    PANEL IV

Official Knowledge, Vernacular Practice

-- "Childbirth and Authoritative Knowledge: Cooperation and Conflict between Obstetricians and Midwives in Post-Socialist Hungary"

Orsolya Berty

-- "Forest Fantasies: The Cultures of Ecology and Development in Rural Tanzania"

Martin Benjamin

-- "Ecology as Ideology: Western Science and State Environmentalism in Vietnam"

Pamela McElwee

Discussant: Parker Shipton
African Studies Center
Boston University
(Program Fellow 1992-1993)


4:00-6:00    PANEL V

Social Movements, States, Markets, and Violence

-- "Documentation and Comparative Genocide Studies: Cambodia and Rwanda"

Susan Cook

-- "Marketplaces and Holy Spaces: Marabouts and the Morality of Free Markets in Rural Senegal"

Donna Perry

-- "Conflicts and Visions: Farm Protesters and Farm Experts in the 1980s"

Mary Summers

-- "The Dialogics of Imagining Nationhood in Zimbabwe: Ethnic Conflict and Political Violence during the 1980s"

Yuka Suzuki

Discussant: Jim Scott
Program in Agrarian Studies
Yale University
(Director 1991-1998)



Luce Hall Common Room


Conference Participants

Martin Benjamin, Anthropology
Orsolya Berty, Anthropology
Nina Bhatt, Anthropology
David Bronkema, Anthropology
Susan Cook, Anthropology
Raymond Craib, History
Amity Doolittle, Forestry
Christopher Duncan, Anthropology
Rebecca Hardin, Anthropology
Adam Marchand, History
Nara Milanich, History
Pamela McElwee, Forestry
Donna Perry, Anthropology
Hugh Raffles, Forestry
Stephanie Rupp, Anthropology
David Sanders, History
Mary Summers, Political Science
Yuka Suzuki, Anthropology
Eric Tagliacozzo, History



Catherine LeGrand
Pauline Peters
Parker Shipton
Eric Worby
Jim Scott



All sessions will be held at 77 Prospect Street (the ISPS building). The reception and dinner on Saturday evening are in the Common Room of Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Avenue. (See map for campus locations.)

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