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Colloquium Series, Fall 1998–1999

September 11

Alex Lichtenstein
History, Florida International University
“Peasants or Proletarians?: Sharecroppers and the Politics of Protest in the Rural South 1880-1940”

September 18

Carlos A. Forment
Politics and Sociology, Princeton University
“Democracy in Spanish America: Civic Society and the Invention of Politics”

September 25

Göran Djurfeldt
Sociology, Lund University
“Essentially Non-Peasant?: Some Critical Remarks on the Post-Modern on the Peasantry”

October 2

Arun Agrawal
Political Science, Yale University
“The Production of Community-in-Conservation”

October 9

Rebecca J. Scott
History, University of Michigan
“Reclaiming Gregoria’s Mule: Nationalist Insurgency and Local Assertion in the Postemancipation World of Cane (Cienfuegos, Cuba, 1884-1902)”

October 16

S. Ravi Rajan
Environmental Studies, University of California/Santa Cruz
“Bhopal: Erasure, Vulnerability, and the Chronic Disaster”

October 23

Jeya Kathirithamby-Wells
Cambridge University
“Forest Frontier and Hinterland in Peninsular Malaysia: The Twentieth-Century Convergence”

October 30

Annie Proulx
Writer, Centennial, WY
“Dangerous Ground: Landscape in Contemporary American Fiction”

November 6

Nicholas Dawidoff
Writer, New York, NY
“In the Country of Country”

November 13

Megan Haney and Dave Forman
Mad Mares Farm, Bethany, CT
“Mad Mares Farm: The Farmers in Your Neighborhood”

November 20

Steve Striffler
Anthropology, New School for School Research
“Communists, Communists Everywhere!: Understanding Defeat and Betrayal in Ecuador’s Coast”

December 4

Amitava Kumar
English, University of Florida
“Against Mandarin Modernity: The Case of Fiction from Small Town India”



Colloquium Series, Fall 1998–1999

January 15

Tamara L. Whited
Department of History, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
“Pastoralists and Geographers in Turn-of-the-Century France”

January 22

Vincent J. Knapp
Department of History, SUNY/Postdam
“What Europeans Ate in Agricultural Times: Eighteenth-Century Levels of Food Consumption and Nutrition”

January 29

Gloria Davis
The World Bank
“Social Development Update: Making Development More Inclusive and Effective“

February 5

Douglas R. Weiner
Department of History, University of Arizona
“‘Resistance’ Reconsidered: Do we Need a New Framework to Describe Responses to Violence?”

February 12

Henry Bernstein
Programme in Public Policy and Management, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
“The Rise and Fall of King Maize on the South African Highveld, or the Boys from Bothaville”

February 19

Joan Martínez-Alier
Department of Economics and Economic History, Autonomous University of Barcelona
“Environmentalism of the Poor”

February 26

Christopher Udry
Department of Economics, Yale University
“Learning and Innovation: The Adoption of Pineapple in Ghana”

March 5

Jan Douwe van der Ploeg
Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands
“The Agrarian Question Reconsidered”

March 26

James McCann
African Studies Center, Boston University
“Maize and Grace: Africa’s Green Revolution and Landscapes of Memory, 1500-1999”

April 2

Jin Sato
Advanced International and Social Studies, University of Tokyo
“People in Between: Conservation and Conversion of Forest Land in Thailand”

April 9

Kathy J. Cooke
History, Quinnipiac College
“Breeding for Character: The Frontier and the Development of Eugenics in Early Twentieth-Century America”

April 16

Fredrik Barth
Etnografisk Museum, University of Oslo, Department of Anthropology, Boston University
“Power and Compliance in Bhutanese Rural Society”

April 23

Tamara Giles-Vernick
History, University of Virginia
“Cutting the Vines of the Past: Environmental Histories of Loss in the Sangha River Basin”