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Colloquium Series, Fall 2006–2007

September 8

Frieda Knobloch
American Studies, University of Wyoming
“Beautiful Wreck: A Red Desert View on Ruin in Wyoming”

September 15

Jessica Allina-Pisano
Political Science, Colgate University
“Post-Socialist Potemkin Villages”

September 22

Ravi Rajan
Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz
“Sustenance, Security, and Suffrage: An Essay on Environmental Justice”

September 29

Elizabeth Dore
Latin American Studies, University of Southampton
“Memories of the Cuban Revolution”
*paper no longer available online

October 6

David Hughes
Human Ecology, Rutgers University
“The Craft of Belonging: Whites, Water, and Wilderness in Africa”

October 13

Thomas Harttung
Chairman, Aarstiderne (The Seasons)
“21st-Century Sustainable Food Systems: Walking the Tight Rope between Deep Ecology and Corporate Ultra-Light Sustainability, or How to Square the Virtuous Circle without Becoming Square Yourself”

October 20

Durland Fish
School of Public Health, Yale University
“Zoonotic Disease: Intimacy with the Natural World”
Instead of a paper, Dr. Durland Fish will present a brief lecture on zoonotic diseases and the micro-biological history of the domestication of livestock and poultry.

October 27

Jimmy McWilliams
History, Texas State University - San Marcos
“‘Let Us Spray’: The Transition to Manufactured Insecticides, 1860-1900”

November 3

Virginia Anderson
University of Colorado at Boulder
“History in a Minor Key, or The Life of a Seventeenth-Century New England Farmer”

November 10

Prakash Kumar
History, Colorado State University
“Science and the Improvement of Indigo Dye in Colonial India, 1897–1913”

November 17

Gail Hershatter
History, University of California, Santa Cruz
“The Gender of Memory: Rural Women and Collectivization in 1950s China”

December 1

Ignacio Chapela
Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California, Berkeley
“Science, Seeds, Sovereignty: Biotech Enters the Genetic Resource Commons”
*paper no longer available online

December 8

Ann Gold
Religion, Syracuse University
“Tasteless Profits and Vexed Moralities in Rural Rajasthan”



Colloquium Series, Fall 2006–2007

January 19

Conevery Bolton Valencius
History of Science, Harvard University
“Earthy Science of the Nineteenth-Century U.S.: Understanding the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811–12”
*paper no longer available online

January 26

Janisse Ray
“The Bleeding Fields: Rural Exodus, Cultural Depauperization, and Right-Wing Uprise in the American South”

February 2

Arvid Nelson
School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale
“German Forest and Farm Landscapes and the Onset of the Cold War, 1945–1949: Evidence from the Soviet Zone Countryside”

February 9

Richard Schroeder
Geography, Rutgers University
“The Great Trek to Tanzania:  South African Capital, Race, and National Sovereignty in the Post-Apartheid Era”
*paper no longer available online

February 16

Valentine Cadieux
Yale Sustainable Food Project
“Beyond the Rural Idyll: Agrarian Problems and Promises in Exurban Sprawl”

February 23

Thomas Barfield
Anthropology, Boston University
“Weapons of the not so Weak in Afghanistan: Pashtun Agrarian Structure and Tribal Organization for Times of War or Peace”

March 2

Vaclav Smil
Geography, University of Manitoba
“The Next Fifty Years: Catastrophes and Trends”

March 9

Finn Stepputat
Danish Institute for International Studies
“Democratarianism? Politics and Shifting Hegemonies in Rural Guatemala”

March 30

John Varty
History, McGill University
“On Breathless Cows and Mad Science: The Anatomy of a 19th-Century Dispute”

April 6

David Guterson
Independent Author
“The Kingdom of Apples: Picking the Fruit of Immortality in Washington’s Laden Orchards”

April 13

Erika Olbricht
English, Pepperdine University
“Robin Hood's Complaint: Tithes and Agrarian Theology in Early Modern England”

April 20

Richard Kernaghan
Anthropology, Columbia University
“Asphalt Trenches: Peruvian Maoism, Mobile Checkpoints, and Other Questions of Historical Sedimentation”
*paper no longer available online

April 27

Liza Grandia
Clark University, Department of International Development, Community and Environment
“‘The Tragedy of the Enclosures’:  Rethinking Primitive Accumulation from the Guatemalan Hinterland”