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Colloquium Series, Fall 2000–2001

September 15

Michael Goldman
Sociology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
“The Art of Eco-government: The New Agenda of a ‘Green’ World Bank”

September 22

Heather Williams
Department of Politics, Pomona College
“Of Free Trade and Debt Bondage: Fighting Banks and the State in Rural Mexico, 1993–Present”

September 29

Raymond Bryant
Geography, King’s College London
“Of Money Worries and Moral Imperatives: NGO Strategic Action in Philippine Perspective”

October 6

Leslie Anderson
Political Science, University of Florida
“Democracy Against All Odds: Electoral Choice and Democratization in an Agrarian Society”

October 13

Mahmood Mamdani
Institute of African Studies, Columbia University
“Beyond Settler and Native as Political Identities: Overcoming the Political Legacy of Colonialism”

October 20

Paulin Hountondji
Philosophy, Université Nationale du Bénin
“What is Cultural Pluralism?”

October 27

P. Sainath
Eisenhower Fellow
“Dalit Rights as Human Rights”

November 3

Leo Lucassen
History, Amsterdam University
“The Power of Stigmatisation: Gypsies and a Myopic State in Europe (15th–20th Centuries)”

November 10

Kristin Dawkins
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Minneapolis, MN
“Feeding the World: Battle Royal of the 21st Century”

November 17

Catherine McNicol Stock
History, Connecticut College
“From Grain Silos to Missile Silos: The Military State in Rural America During the Cold War”

December 1

Michael Pollan
Author and Editor
“Of Taters and Transgenes: Genetic Modification and the Art of Domestication”

December 8

Wendy Espeland
Sociology, Northwestern University
“Commensuration and Visibility: How Numbers Direct Attention”



Colloquium Series, Fall 2000–2001

January 12

Margaret Somers
Sociology, University of Michigan
“From Poverty to Perversity, from Gdansk to the Bowling Alley: How Neoliberalism Found Compassionate Conservatism, True Romance, and Social Capital in Speenhamland (and Has Been Outwitting Us Ever Since)”

January 19

Patrick McCully
International Rivers Network
“Marginalizing States in International Policy: The Case of the World Commission on Dams”

January 26

Eric Worby
Anthropology, Yale University
“Grasping an Elusive State: Practical Epistemologies of Power in Zimbabwe at a Time of Crisis”

February 2

Terry Bouton
History, Winthrop University
“Welcome to the Global Economy: Pennsylvania Farmers, the American Revolution, and the Myths of Liberalism”

February 9

Alan Taylor
History, University of California/Davis; American Antiquarian Society
“The Late Loyalists: American Settlement in Upper Canada, 1791–1815”

February 16

Peter Brosius
Anthropology, University of Georgia
“Between Politics and Poetics: Narratives of Dispossession in Sarawak, East Malaysia”

February 23

David Masumoto
Vineyard/Orchard Farmer, Del Rey, CA
“The Art of Growing Slow: Saving the Family Farm”

March 2

Carmen Diana Deere
Economics, University of Massachusetts/Amherst
“Who Owns the Land? Gender and Land Titling Programs in Latin America”

March 23

Ousmane Kane
Political Science, Université Gaston Berger, Saint-Louis, Senegal
“Sufi Orders and the State in West Africa and its Diaspora”

March 30

Shubhra Gururani
Anthropology, York University
“Forests of Meanings and Memory: Cultural Politics of Gender and Place in Uttarakhand Himalayas, India”

April 6

Gerald Creed
Anthropology, City University of New York
“Real Communities: Ritual and Conflict in Rural Bulgaria”

April 13

Donald Moore
Anthropology, University of California/Berkeley
“The Ethnic Spatial Fix: Geographical Imaginaries and the Routes of Identity in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands”

April 20

Malavika Kasturi
History, Centre for Contemporary Studies, Nehru Memorial Library
“Redefining Kinship Ties: Family, Property, and Colonial Law in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century North India”