Introduction to Medieval Christian Liturgy in the West
Index of Sources

  1. Texts
    1. Sidonius Apollinaris, Letter (Book V, no. 17) to Eriphius, (September 469)
    2. Liber Pontificalis, Life of Pope Stephen II (752-757), excerpt
    3. Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicity
    4. Ordo romanus I
    5. Egeria, Travelogue, excerpt
    6. Justin Martyr, Apology, excerpt
    7. The Eucharist in North Africa, circa 400
  2. Music
    1. Eucharistic Prayer Preface for Easter (Beinecke, ms. 18)
    2. Eucharistic Prayer Preface for Marian Feasts (Beinecke, ms. 18)
    3. Introit Resurrexi for Easter Morning (Beinecke, ms. 18)
    4. Epistle for St. Andrew (Beinecke, ms. 476)
    5. Communion Exulta filia sion (Yale Music Collection, ms. 72)
    6. Troped Agnus dei (Yale Music Collection, ms. 64)
    7. Gloria in excelsis (Vatican XV, 10th cent.)
    8. Gloria in excelsis (Beinecke, ms. 18; Vatican IV, 10th cent.)
    9. Gloria in excelsis (Britsh Museum, Additional Codex 34209)
    10. Troped Gloria in excelsis (Beinecke, ms. 710; ms. 18)
    11. Agnus dei (Vatican XVIII, 12th cent.)
    12. Agnus dei (Vatican II, 10th cent.)
    13. Asperges me (Vatican II, 10th cent.)
    14. Litany (British Museum, Additional Codex 34209)
    15. Kyrie eleison (Vatican VI, 10th cent.)
    16. Credo (Vatican I, Beinecke, ms. 18)
    17. Gradual Haec dies (Beinecke, ms. 18)
    18. Sanctus (Vatican XVIII, 13th cent.)
    19. Sanctus (Vatican V, 12th cent.)
    20. The Psalm Tones
    21. Antiphon Placebo domino with psalm (Yale Music Collection, ms. 68)
    22. The Te deum laudamus
    23. The Pater noster
  3. Objects
    1. Dura Europas, Christian House Church (3rd cent.)
    2. Dura Europas, Jewish Synagogue (3rd cent.)
    3. Dura Europas, Mithraeum (3rd cent.)
    4. Pompei, House of the Mysteries
    5. Rome, Basilica of Constantine (4th cent.)
    6. Rome, Basilica of St. Mary Major (c. 435)
    7. Rome, Basilica of Sts. Nereus and Achilleus
    8. Classe, Basilica of S. Apollinare
    9. Ravenna, Basilica of S. Apollinare Nuovo