Sources for Medieval Christian Liturgy
The Mass in North Africa at the Time of Augustine of Hippo

Reconstructed by E.G. Cuthbert F. Atchley, Ordo Romanus Primus,
The Library of Liturgiology & Ecclesiology for English Readers, (London, 1905): 181-188.


Using letters, sermons, and treatises of Augstine, Tertullian, Cyprian and others, Atchley has reconstructed a possible general form for the Eucharist at around the turn of the fifth century. Compare this form with that given in the Didache and with the general outline of the medieval Eucharist given in the definition of the Mass.

The Liturgy of the (Civil) Diocese of Africa at the time of St. Augustine of Hippo, c. 400 A.D.

Proclamation of silence, by the deacon: Make silence!
The Scripture Lessons

  1. The Prophetic Lesson
  2. The Apostolic Lesson
  3. The Psalm
  4. The Gospel

The Sermon
The Dismissal of the Catechumens
The Prayers of the People
The Offertory accompanied by the singing of a psalm.
The Great Thanksgiving [Eucharistic Prayer]
Bishop: Heart(s) up!
All: We have. To the Lord.
Bishop: Let us give thanks to the Lord, our God.
All: That is right and appropriate.
Bishop: Prayer Preface
All: Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus...
Bishop: Body of the Prayer
We offer [these gifts] for one church, may it be spread throughout the world...
for the health of the emperor...
for the secular state...
for peace...
Commemoration of the Living
Commemoration of the Martyrs
Commemoration of the Departed
Commemoration of the Passion and Death of Jesus
Conclusion of the Eucharistic Prayer
All: Amen
The Blessing and Absolution of the People
The Lord's Prayer
Bishop: Peace be with you.
All: And with your spirit.
The Kiss of Peace
The Fraction
The Communion accompanied by the singing of a psalm.
The Post-communion Thanksgiving