Introduction to Medieval Christian Liturgy in the West

I. Welcome
     1. Main Page
     2. How to Use this Website

II. Introduction to Liturgy
     1. Introduction to the Liturgy
     2. The Eucharist
          A. The Origins of the Mass
          B. The Shape of the Mass
     3. The Liturgy of the Hours
          A. Introduction
          B. The Shape of Cathedral Matins (Lauds)
          C. The Shape of Cathedral Vespers
          D. Monastic Traditions
          E. Conclusion
     4. The Christian Year
          A. Introduction
          B. The Temporale
               1. The Christian Passover
               2. Lent
               3. Easter Season & Pentecost
               4. Christmas
          C. The Sanctorale
          D. Conclusion
     5. Liturgy and the Arts

III. Introduction to the History of the Liturgy up to the Protestant and Catholic Reformations
     1. The Liturgy before 325
     2. The Liturgy between 325 and 800
     3. The Carolingian Reformation
     4. Cluny and Monastic Triumph
     5. The Twelfth-century Renaissance
     6. The Late Middle Ages

IV. Index of Definitions

V. Index of Sources