Introduction to Medieval Christian Liturgy
How to Use this Web Site

This website is a collection of short essays and accompanying primary source material intended to introduce the student of western Christianity to the religion's worship system. At this time, only the essays introducing the student to the basic structures and terms of Christian liturgy are finished. Each of these essays appears with the image taken from the Rothschild Canticles at the left of this paragraph. Some of the essays have endnotes. The reader may read a note by clicking on the note number in the text. After she has finished reading the note, she may return to the text by clicking on the words "Return to text" found at the end of each note. The reader may also jump between the essays and primary source material as her interests and questions lead her, or she may read through the essays in order, as the author wrote them. She can always orient herself within the document by returning to the Outline. Each essay ends with some suggestions for further reading. These lists are by no means exhaustive. But the works cited will easily lead the reader to more information.
Several short essays defining particular terms accompany the longer introductory essays. The image taken from the Rothschild Canticles seen to the left of this paragraph appears at the head of each of these documents. The reader may find these definitions by clicking on the highlighted text in the introductory essays when the terms are used. He may also find these definitions by searching the Index of Definitions.
Textual and Visual Sources
Several primary sources in translation accompany the essays and definitions discussed above. Each of them is marked by the image taken from the Rothschild Canticles found to the left of this paragraph. The sources may be found by clicking on highlighted text in the essays or by searching the Index of Sources. The visual sources often appear in a frame along with the definition essay. Not surprisingly, the visual sources do contain some fairly large image files and may take a while to download particularly at those times of day when the world is on the World Wide Web. Caveat lector.

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