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Early Christianity
Medieval Christianity
Renaissance and Early Modern Christianity

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Art and Architecture
Vulgate and Other Latin Documents

Reference Works

Library websites / directories of electronic texts

History of Christianity Research Sites

Early Christianity

Guide to Early Church Documents
Links to sites and documents of the early church.
St. Pachomius Library
Archive of English translations of early church documents (to 1200)
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Contains the entire Ante-Nicene, Post-Nicene, and Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers series, as well as other early church writings.
Internet Archive of Texts and Documents
Includes documents of the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation, among other works.
Conference 14
The first conference of Abbot Nesteros on spiritual knowledge.
Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism
Internet version of an ongoing research seminar of graduate students at the department of theology of Marquette University
The Gregory of Nyssa Home Page
Gregory of Nyssa was born between 335 and 340 A.D. and died sometime after 394. This site aims to eventually point to all English translations of Gregory's work available on the Internet.

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Medieval Christianity

Yale University Library Medieval Studies Research Guide
An index including links to other sites, institutions, journals and discussion groups.
A collection of resources for the study of women's religious communities from 500-1500.
Labyrinth Home Page
Georgetown's index for Medieval Studies.
Medieval Sourcebook
An Internet Medieval Sourcebook comprised of available public domain and copy-permitted texts.
ORB--On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies
A cooperative effort on the part of scholars across the internet to establish an online textbook source for medieval studies on the World-Wide Web.
WWW Medieval Resources
Links to discussion groups, databases, archives, and other sites for Medieval studies.
Medieval Europe
Links to Medieval documents.
Medieval Manuscripts and Illumination from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Includes manuscripts, lithographs, drawings, and documents.
Life of St. Martin: Contents
Sulpitius Severus on the Life of St. Martin. Translation and Notes by Alexander Roberts.
Hagiography Database
Database project designed to provide Byzantinists and other medievalists with access to an important corpus of Greek texts

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Renaissance and Early Modern Christianity

Voice of the Shuttle
Links to centers, documents, journals, newsgroups, and other sites.
Medieval & Renaissance Europe
Links to primary sources including the Corpus Iuris Iustinian. Also has links regarding women's roles and gender.
Catholic Reformation
Primary sources include works of individual theologians and documents from the Council of Trent. Secondary sources include work on the Jesuits.
Protestant Reformation
Includes works of individual theologians and Luther's Order for Divine Services.
Renaissance Liturgical Imprints: A Census
A database of information about worship books printed before 1601.
Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe
This project involves the creation of a hypertext archive of narratives, medical consilia, governmental records, religious and spiritual writings and images documenting the arrival, impact and response to the problem of epidemic disease in Western Europe between 1348 and 1530. When completed researchers will be able to follow themes and issues geographically across Europe in any given time period or chronologically from the first cases of bubonic plague in 1348 to the early sixteenth century.
Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture
The Library of Congress' first exhibit in a series on the world's great libraries.

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Art and Architecture

Index of Christian Art
The Index can presently provide access to complex information on approximately 200,000 photographic reproductions of Christian art in the east and west from early apostolic times up to 1400 A.D. The term Christian is broadly construed and by no means restricted to art produced within ecclesiastical contexts or theological in theme. Classical Gods, crocodiles and comets are all included in the Index if found in a Christian context. (Accessible from Yale IP addresses)
Amiens Cathedral Web Site
Images of the Cathedral from every possible angle.
Web Museum
Various works of art from many eras and styles.
World Art Treasures
Artwork including Renaissance gardens and Roman portraits.
The Bibliothèque Nationale de France presents : The Age of King Charles V (1338-1380)
1,000 Illuminations from the Department of Manuscripts, including breviaries.
THAIS - 1200 Years of Italian Sculpture
Sculptures from Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque periods, among others.

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Internet Theology Resources: Monastic Studies
Includes monastic documents and images of monasteries.

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Vulgate and Other Latin Documents

Plain, public domain version of the Vulgate
A gopher site of the entire Latin Bible.
ARTFL Project: Latin Vulgate Bible Search Form
A form to search the Vulgate. Searches may be done in the whole Bible or in individual books.
Thesaurus Precum Latinarum/Treasury of Latin Prayers
A collection of Latin prayers and their translations. Prayers include the Confiteor, Doxology, creeds, and others.

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Reference Works

The Catholic Encyclopedia
A project working to put the entire 1907-1912 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia on the Internet.
Ecole Initiative: A Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Christianity on the Web
Provides definitions for varoius terms related to the early church.

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Other Resources

Search the Yale Manuscript Collections
A form for searching Yale archival collections.
The Oxford Text Archive
The OTA currently distributes more than 2500 resources in over 25 different languages.
The Master Works of Western Civilization
Contains lists of and links the quintessential works of Western Civilization.
The Modern English Collection at the Electronic Text Center, UVa
Several databases of great books. Includes both secular and religious writings.
Directory of Electronic Text Centers
Links to electronic text centers at universities around the world.
Peregrina Publishing
Information about the publishing company.

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