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Dead Sea Scrolls
Scrolls from the Dead Sea - Library of Congress exhibition
1QpHab: The Habakkuk Pesher
The Orion Center

Duke Papyrus Archive
New Testament Papyri & Codices (K.C. Hanson)
Oxyrhynchus Papyri (choose from ATLA CDRI collections)
Papyrology at Oxford

Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha:
Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Web Page

Bible texts, translations, related texts
Resource Page for Biblical Studies: Part One
The Bible in English


K.C. Hanson's Collections of Ancient Documents

Sites & geography

General MIddle East / Mediterranean

Lantern Slides of Classical Antiquity (Bryn Mawr College)
Holy Land Photos (Carl Rasmussen, Bethel College)
Maps - Biblical (

Land of Israel
Ancient Maps of Jerusalem


Jews in Egypt

Asia Minor



Greco-Roman History, Religion, and Literature

Roman Emperors
Index to Aufstieg und Niedergang der Romischen Welt
Associations, Synagogues, and Associations (Philip A. Harland)

     Corpus Hermeticum:
Mithraism a la Ulansey: with lots of New Age links

Women in Antiquity: Diotima


Resources on the WWW for the Study of Philo of Alexandria
The Works of Flavius Josephus
Josephus Online Bibliography
Jewish History Resource Center

Early Christianity

       Early Christian literature:
Perpetua's Diary
Codex II resource center
WWW Resources for Gnosticism and Nag Hammadi (Anne McGuire)
Gnosis Archive
       New Testament
Into His Own: Perspective on the World of Jesus
Acts: Pauline chronology
Revelation: Art, Images, and Materials related to the Book of Revelation
Crucifixion:From PBS Frontline program


Related to the Bible
ATLA Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative, incl.: Biblical Iconography: French Medieval Cathedrals, Illuminations from Armenian Gospels, Printed Images from the Sixteenth Century
Illustrations from the Catholic Encyclopedia (Jacques Maritain Center)

General resources

Biblical Studies

Resource Page for Biblical Studies
New Testament Gateway - Mark Goodacre
All-in-One Biblical Resources Search - Mark Goodacre
Postmodern Bible Dictionary - Tim Bulkeley
Amos - Postmodern Bible commentary - Tim Bulkeley


Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Images from History

Learned Societies

American Academy of Religion
Society of Biblical Literature
Catholic Biblical Association

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