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Yale University is home to many amazing dance groups that cover every dance style imaginable. We encourage you to check them all out, and attend as many auditions, workshops, and classes as you can in the fall!

Please note that some dance groups do not have a website, but keep checking back in case there is an update! Groups wishing to update their information or pictures should email Mahir Rahman.


A Different Drum

A Different Drum

A Different Drum was founded in 1996 as a company that is dedicated to providing a place for dancers to sharpen and broaden their technical abilities and to develop artistically as both dancers and choreographers. We are committed to constantly challenging and pushing ourselves to grow and expand our boundaries.

We are the only dance group at Yale to offer two weekly technique classes taught by professional instructors. One of our two weekly technique classes is a modern or ballet class taught by one of our regular teachers. For the second class, we hire a different professional guest artist. In a given semester a typical lineup for our second weekly technique class would include Graham, Bhangra, West African dance, Classical Indian dance, Ailey, Limon, and contemporary contact improvisation.

A Different Drum (ADD) is entirely student run. Members are encouraged to contribute choreography and can tailor their time commitment to fit their needs. We welcome and encourage all dance styles, which our shows reflect.

We hope you'll come audition for us! We welcome choreographers and dancers of all techniques and promise low-key, fun auditions with the chance to strut your stuff. For more information, contact: Hannah Leo or Zoe Reich-Aviles.

Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Yale

Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Yale

The Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Yale (BFMdY) strives to preserve the traditional dances and movements from Mexico. BFMdY is a student organized and choreographed dance company that engages in various performance opportunities on and off campus.

BFMdY welcomes dancers of all levels and experiences. No experience is necessary. Contact them for more information.



Danceworks is Yale's largest and most diverse dance group. We are entirely student-run – anyone can join, dance, choreograph and perform, no audition necessary! The styles of our pieces range from lyrical to jazz to hip-hop, and more! The music is fresh, the moves are hot, the performances ALWAYS sell out and the whole experience is just plain fun. Here's how to get involved:

Attend our beginning-of-semester info session in early September. Listen to the choreographers pitch their dances, and sign up for as many numbers as you want – each dance entails one hour of practice a week. If you want to choreograph, just let us know – anyone, boy or girl, freshman to senior, can do it. Practice, and get pumped for our end-of-the-semester performances, held twice annually.

For more info, please feel free to contact Claire Zhang or Maria Ratskevich.


Elm Street Breaker

Elm Street Breakers

We are Yale's one and only group of bboys and bgirls, specializing in the foundational hip hop dance form of breaking. Arguably the most athletic and dynamic dance form, breaking is for everyone. From headspins and fancy footwork to flips and freezes, we pair our passion for creative expression with a deep respect for hip hop tradition.

To throw down with us, sign up for our panlist, contact Michael Zhao, or visit our website (link coming soon).



Groove Dance Company was founded in 2002 by individuals who wanted to showcase many dance styles and to have fun with dance. We have evolved into a company that combines passion for all types of dancewith a dedication to professionalism and technicality. Our mission is to communicate the joy of dance; we do this through dance education as well as our popular performances for the Yale community.

Groove Dance Company holds weekly technique classes, and rehearsals for a student-choreographed show at the end of each semester. Groove is Yale's most eclectic dance group – while jazz, modern, and hip hop pieces are staples of every show, we also incorporate any style a dancer has interest in, including (but not limited to) lyrical, ballet, cultural, Broadway, and tap. Groove allows dancers to hone their specialties as well as develop expertise in new dance styles; a ballet dancer can focus on hip hop and Bhangra one semester, and then choreograph a lyrical piece the next. Groove also performs at on and off-campus events throughout the year in addition to our biannual performance.

Currently, we are the only dance group with its own outreach program. We have an established after-school dance program at the John C. Daniels School, where members teach dance classes and organize school-wide performances for 4th to 6th graders.

Groove is a close knit community of passionate people. We have attended professional performances as a group, along with hosting a number of social events each semester. Our company truly becomes more than just a dance group. Members are selected by auditions held in the fall and spring. If you have any questions, please email President Laura Burston or Artistic Director Sarah Strong. We can't wait to dance with you!

Irish Dancers at Yale

Irish Dancers at Yale

Irish Dancers at Yale hopes to bring students of all backgrounds together to celebrate Irish Culture and have fun through the art of Irish Dance. We hope to showcase Irish Step Dancing at Yale through performances open to the community.

We welcome dancers of all experience levels!

Contact Theresa Oei for more information.

Jashan Bhangra Team

Jashan Bhangra

We seek to share our passion with the community.

We embrace bhangra as a competitive dance and perform at national competitions.

We honor an ancient tradition and culture with our dance.

We are Jashan.

Contact Sabrina Rangi or Sagar Yadama for more information.




Konjo! West African Dance Troupe was founded in the fall of 1998 by Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu, Eyi Tuakli-Wosornu, and Yemi Getahun. They saw the need To promote the aesthetics of African culture on the Yale campus through dance and music. Thus Konjo!, which means "beautiful" in Amharic, came into existence, and made its debut at the Black Solidarity Conference Talent Show. Since then, Konjo! has been, and continues to be active in the Yale-New Haven community, thrilling audiences of all ages. The dance troupe has participated in several campus-wide events, including the annual Yale-Harvard Talent show, Communiversity Day, the Black Solidarity Conference Talent Show, and Black Graduation, as well as events at local New Haven public schools.

In its 13th season, Konjo! West African Dance Troupe continues to be dedicated to showcasing the beauty of African culture through music and dance, particularly through repertoire from Senegal, the Gambia, Mali, and Guinea.  This year Konjo has chosen to take a sabbatical from its company schedule, running a regular workshop series instead as the company re-organizes for the 2014-2015 season.  Dance and drum workshops will be held multiple times over the course of the year and will be open to all levels.  We welcome all who are interested, regardless of dance or drum experience. Please contact our Executive Director, Shizue RocheAdachi for more information.


MonstRAASity is Yale’s newest competitive South Asian dance team. Raas is a form of traditional folk-dance originating from Gujarat, India. Raas uses wooden sticks called dandiya, and focuses more on formations, form, and energy than most other types of South Asian folk-dance. The sticks are twirled as complex jumping and feet patterns follow addicting rhythms. The routines are often mixed with Western themes and popular music to add to the energy and creativity of the dance. MonstRAASity performed at various events throughout the last two years, and acquired beautiful, authentic costumes from India. The team really becomes family, and we bond both on and off the dance floor. We welcome everyone to audition--no experience is necessary! Contact Pujan Patel for more info.



The Phoenix Dance Troupe is an entire student-run Asian traditional dance troupe. We hope to bring students from all backgrounds together to celebrate the rich and diverse dance traditions from different regions across China. We perform dance pieces from different ethnic Asian groups and regions, from the Tibetan plateaus, Mongolian steppes, the water villages of the South to the northwestern deserts.

We also teach and perform Asian dances on Yale campus and in the neighboring community. Over the years, Phoenix has performed at various cultural events, including the Chinese American cultural show and Kaleidoscope. Through its performances, the group hopes to spread both artistic and cultural awareness to its members and audiences.

Members partcipate in numerous big and small traditional dances throughout the year and are also encouraged to choreograph their own pieces.

We welcome dancers of all backgrounds and levels - no experience necessary. We do not hold auditions, and our troupe includes both males and females. Just show your interest and welcome aboard! For more information, email Katelyn Kang.



Rangeela is Yale's first Bollywood fusion dance team. We combine styles of dance ranging from Bollywood, to classical Indian, to hip-hop as well as mix both Indian and Western music.

We have a ton of fun performing in shows on campus and in shows at other schools. In the past, we've gotten to dance with Shahrukh Khan (big deal Bollywood celeb) and Nina Davaluri (Miss America).

We welcome anyone to audition no matter if they've had any previous Bollywood dance experience!

For more info, please contact Naintara Rajan or Kamya Jagadish.

Rhythmic Blue

Rhythmic Blue
Rhythmic Blue (RB) is Yale University's first and only hip-hop and contemporary dance group. We were founded in 1991 by two undergraduate students and have had a steady following ever since, selling out most of our shows on campus. Though RB focuses on hip-hop, our members are allowed to branch out and perform any style of dance, from breaking to modern to contemporary African.

RB welcomes dances who have varied backgrounds and talents. As a co-ed, multicultural group, we value originality, diversity and creativity in our dances. RB holds two large shows per year, one at the end of each semester, to show off our newest choreography. RB also performs at various events throughout the semester, including charity events and the infamous Harvard-Yale showdown. We're also looking to start taking part in competitions on the East Coast, so come join us if you want to be part of this exciting new phase in our history! For more information, please contact Nicole Feng or Evelina Zaragoza Medina.


Sabrosura is a Latin dance team at Yale founded in 2009 to bring together students interested in Latin American dance for the purpose of creating solidarity amongst the various cultures of Latin America. Sabrosura is a student-run organization whose performances feature a variety of musical genres and subgenres such as salsa, merengue, bachata, and cumbia. We rely on the diversity and talent of our members for our choreography and strive to share the cultural product of our organization with both the Yale and New Haven communities. Sabrosura culminates the year in a showcase that features students from all across Yale University passionate about Latin American dance and committed to enhancing cultural understanding within the Yale community. Auditions are held annually in September. For more information please contact Cristina Moreno or Samantha Garcia.

Steppin' Out

Steppin' Out

Founded in 1997, Steppin' Out is Yale's first and only step team. In this short period of time, this organization has distinguished itself as a talented and dedicated group. Their performances are known for their levels of excitement and adrenaline brought to the stage. The primary purpose of Steppin' Out, commonly referred to simply as "SO", is to introduce step, an African American dance form derived from the celebratory and religious practices of African dancers, to the Yale community. Contact Caroline Andersson or Keyanna Jackson for more information.




Taps is a dynamic, co-ed group of around 20 dancers dedicated to performing and promoting tap dancing at Yale University. Every year, Taps produces the only dance show at Yale that consists of solely tap dance, showing the incredible range of styles within this art form. In past years, Taps' performances have consisted of student-choreographed pieces ranging in style from modern rhythm tap to classical Broadway tap. Contact Erin Kelly or Holly Hajare for more information.

Yale Ballet Company

Yale Undergraduate Ballet Company is Yale’s only dance group devoted solely to ballet technique and performance. Despite our name, we welcome students from all graduate and professional schools as well.

The company offers a space for ballet dancers at Yale to work seriously on technique and enjoy performance opportunities each year. We would love to see you at auditions no matter what your level—some of our dancers have trained and performed professionally, while others are just returning to dance in college.

Unique among Yale’s dance groups, YBC stages annual full-length story ballets; past productions include A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Legend of King Arthur. These sellout performances usually take place at the Co-op High School Theater, a beautiful full-size auditorium located off-campus. Most importantly, story ballets offer opportunities to grow as a dancer, an actor, and a choreographer.

We prioritize regular technique class to keep our dancers healthy and strong. We offer student-taught company classes once a week on Sunday evenings, and professionally taught classes each Tuesday through our partnership with New Haven Ballet. Additional class options include the Payne-Whitney Ballet Classes as well as the New Haven Ballet Open and Student Divisions, which we attend in groups at a discounted rate.

We offer a straightforward audition consisting of a full ballet barre and center, with optional pointework, variation, and partnering sections. We hope to see you there! 

For any further questions, contact Nicholas Smith.

Yale Ballroom Dance Team

Yale Ballroom
                        Dance Team

We are an autonomous organization of undergraduates, graduate and professional students, outlaws, male models, and other Yale affiliates who love the art of ballroom dancing. We dance for competitions, for performances, and most of all for fun.

We compete in International Standard (waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, foxtrot, and quickstep), International Latin (cha cha, samba, rumba, paso doble, and jive), American Smooth (waltz, tango, foxtrot, and Viennese waltz), and American Rhythm (chacha, rumba, swing, bolero, and mambo). In addition, our social dances include salsa, merengue, bachata, and hustle/disco.

The Yale Ballroom Dance Club is a satellite of the team for individuals and couples who enjoy social dancing. Club lessons teach dances like waltz, foxtrot, tango, salsa, merengue, bachata, swing, and hustle/disco. These lessons are designed for those who want to learn to dance at a casual but thorough pace, without the commitment and pressure of competitive ballroom dancing. You need not come with a partner, and no prior experience is required. Contact Vasilije Dobrosavljevic for more information.


Yale Belly Dance Society

Yale Belly
                        Dance Society

The Yale Belly Dance Society is dedicated to bring the Middle Eastern dance and culture to Yale's campus and the outside community. YBDS was founded in 2003 with the goal of promoting this exciting and challenging art form while dispelling negative myths of belly dance. The group primarily focuses on Egyptian cabaret style dance (raqs sharqi), but also includes elements of folkloric Egyptian dance, Turkish traditional and cabaret, and American Tribal Style. These dance styles are taught to beginners through classes organized by Payne Whitney Gymnasium and seen performed throughout the year at many events by the YBDS Performance Troupe, which consists of members of different experience levels.

Classes are opened to the general community whereas admission to the performance troupe is by audition in early September. The audition serves simply to demonstrate a basic level of technique and ability to perform choreographies. All are welcomed to audition! Members of the society enjoy access to YBDS's collection of Middle Eastern music CDs, technique DVDs, costumes and performance props, as well as information on workshops and belly dance events in the community and nearby. For more information, please visit our website or e-mail Happy shimmies!



YaleDancers, the oldest dance company at Yale, is comprised of talented, committed dancers, ranging in skills from those who have trained and performed professionally, to those who have just discovered dance. The company prides itself on its ability to perform a wide variety of dance styles, including classical and modern ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern and more. More than a company, "YD" is a community, forging lasting friendships among both graduate and undergraduate students.

For more information, contact Kellyanna Polk or Gracie White.


Yale Swing & Blues

Yale Swing &

Yale Swing & Blues represents the non-competitive swing and blues dancing community on campus. We provide a space for people to get together and dance in a fun, informal setting. Our regular events include monthly swing dances, weekly blues practica, and trips to local dancing events. We also offer Lindy Hop and Blues lessons every semester, for a nominal fee. Our events are open to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, and members of the broader New Haven community. Contact Kelsey Larson for more information.


Yale Tango Club

Yale Tango Club

Argentine Tango is a social partner dance that focuses on connection and musicality. There are no steps, no choreography, and no right or wrong foot -- just the simple elegance of a warm embrace set to music.

The Yale community is famous across the country for its kindness and skill. Learn more at our site, contact us, or join us at 8pm on Sundays at GPSCY Bar (204 York St.).

Ya-Le Chinese Dance Troupe

Ya-Le Troupe

Ya-Le (雅乐) Chinese Dance Troupe is a non-profit student group. We are dedicated to bringing Chinese folk/traditonal dance and culture to Yale and the outside community. We perform two to three dances every year at the Spring Festival Gala hosted by ACSSY (Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Yale and other occasions. We welcome everyone who is interested in Chinese folk/traditional dance to join us!

Contact: Xiangmeng Kong, President.