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Dance Courses Offered at Yale, Fall 2013

  • PHYS 115 / THST 115 Physics of Dance (Emily Coates & Sarah Demers) 
    Critical investigation of introductory concepts in physics through the lens of dance. Topics in physics include the normal force, friction, Newton's laws, projectile motion, potential and kinetic energy, and conservation of energy. Topics in dance include aspects of dance history, contemporary artists who engage with science, and the development of movement studies. Class meetings include movement exercises. Prerequisite: basic trigonometry and algebra. Prior dance experience is not required.
  • THST 335/AFST 435 West African Dance: Traditional to Contemporary (Lacina Coulibaly)
    A practical and theoretical study of the traditional dances of Africa, focusing on those of Burkina Faso and their contemporary manifestations. Emphasis on rhythm, kinesthetic form, and gestural expression. The fusion of modern European dance and traditional African dance.
  • THST 099/FILM 044 Dance on Film (Emily Coates)
    An examination of dance on film from c. 1920 to the present, including early Hollywood pictures, the rise of Bollywood, avant-garde films of the postwar period, translations of stage choreography to screen, music videos, and dance film festivals. The impact of industry, circulation and audience, aesthetic lineages, and craft in the union of the two mediums. Students develop an original short film for a final class project. Limited to freshmen.

Dance Courses Offered at Yale, Spring 2014

  • THST 380 / AMST 370 History of Dance (Emily Coates)
    An examination of major movements in the history of concert and social dance from the late nineteenth century to the present, including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, musical theater, and different cultural forms. Exercises are used to illuminate analysis of the body in motion.
  • THST 387 Advanced Dance Composition (Susan Rethorst)
    A seminar and workshop in dance-theater composition. Focus on the history of dance composition, tools for generating and interpreting movement, basic choreographic devices, and dance in dialogue with media, music, and other art forms. Choreographic projects developed over the course of the term are presented in a final performance.
  • THST 400 Performance and the Moving Image (Emily Coates, Joan MacIntosh, Johannes DeYoung)
    The boundaries between live and mediated performance eplored through the creation of an original work that draws on methods in experimental theater, dance, and video art. Questions concerning live versus mediated bodies, the multiplication of time, space, and perspective through technology, and the development of moving images. The final production includes both a live performance and an art video.
  • THST 444 Theories of Embodiment (Jessica Berson)
    Examination of theories about the body and its motion. The inscription of identity on and through the body; ways in which the body resists and rewrites identity through movement. The body as a physical, social, and phenomenological entity; institutional, normative, aesthetic, and virtual bodies. Practical workshops and exercises include movement experiences.

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We at ADAY are extremely excited for these dance courses. Please feel free to shop these classes and show your interest! Dance is a growing extracurricular and academic interest at Yale, and your enthusiasm is encouraged!