Summer Internships

Each year we accept interns from other universities for our summer internship program. This is a volunteer internship program in which we aim to immerse our interns in every aspect of the research process, including hypothesis generation (in the lines of research we are currently pursuing), designing the study, creating the materials for the study, running the study, entering the data, doing data analysis and writing, all while working closely with our graduate students and post-doc. Interns will also participate in a weekly reading group where we will discuss empirical and theoretical papers at the cutting edge of our discipline.

Program dates: June 4th until August 3rd, 2012
Application Deadline: March 30th

Summer Internship FAQ

How do I apply?

To apply for this internship, please email with the following:

  1. 1. A statement of interest. This should be a brief (250-500 word) essay detailing your interest in working in the ACME lab. Specifically you should describe what most fascinates you about the research in our lab, and how working in our lab in particular, as opposed to another psychology lab, will help you develop your research interests and goals.
  1. 2. Your curriculum vitae.
  1. 3. Your unofficial transcript.
  1. 4. Letters of recommendation from faculty. You may have faculty send letters on your behalf to recommend you for this internship. These are optional and not at all necessary, and although you may send more than one there is no particular benefit to doing so. The faculty member can email the letter directly to

What kinds of research projects are currently happening in the lab?

The best way to find out which projects are happening in the lab is to read about our lab members on the lab memebers page. You also may email a specific graduate student to ask further questions about their research.

What is the time commitment?

For 2012 the internship program will run from June 4th - July 31st. Interns typically work in the lab from 10am – 5pm, Monday through Friday. Although we generally prefer a full-time commitment, dates and daily schedules can be flexible to accommodate your needs.  

Is funding or housing available?

This internship program is on a volunteer basis; however you are encouraged to check with your department for available funding. In addition, organizations such as PsiChi offer scholarships for undergraduate research. A list of such scholarships can be found here.

Interns are responsible for finding housing in New Haven during their stay. However, summer sub-lets are usually abundant in New Haven in the summer, and interns in the past have had great success coordinating and securing housing together.