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Yale Reaccreditation Committees

Steering Committee:

Richard Brodhead
   Dean of Yale College
   A. Bartlett Giamatti Professor of English
   Professor of American Studies

D. Allan Bromley
   Sterling Professor of the Sciences
   Dean of Engineering

Peter Brooks
   Chester Tripp Professor of Humanities
   Director of the Whitney Humanities Center

Donald Brown
    Philip R. Allen Professor & Director of
    Undergraduate Studies Economics
    Professor of Mathematics

Tso-Ping Ma
    Professor of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering

Maria Rosa Menocal
    R.Selden Rose Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
    Director, Special Programs in the Humanities

Mary Miller
    Vincent J. Scully Professor of the History of Art
    Master of Saybrook College

Alison F. Richard
   Provost of the University
   Franklin Muzzy Crosby Professor of the Human Environment
   Professor of Anthropology

Harry Stout
   Jonathan Edwards Professor of American Christianity
   John B. Madden Master of Berkeley College

Penelope Laurans
   Associate Dean, Yale College
   Assistant to the President
   Lecturer in English

Chair: Richard C. Levin
   President of Yale University
   Frederick W. Beinecke Professor of Economics

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Standard 1: Mission and Purpose

Richard C. Levin
   President of the University
   Frederick W. Beinecke Professor of Economics

Alison F. Richard
   Provost of the University
   Franklin Muzzy Crosby Professor of the Human Environment
   Professor of Anthropology

Susan Hockfield
   Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
   Professor of Neurobiology

Penelope Laurans
   Associate Dean, Yale College
   Assistant to the President
   Lecturer in English

Chair: Richard Brodhead
   Dean of Yale College
   A. Bartlett Giamatti Professor of English
   Professor of American Studies

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Standard 2: Planning and Evaluation

Janet H. Ackerman
   Associate Vice President, Finance

Thomas J. Carew
   John M. Musser Professor of Psychology

John Goldin
   Director, Office of Institutional Research

Russell Adair
   Associate Director, Office of Institutional Research

Chair: Judith Hackman
   Associate Dean of Yale College
   Director of the Teaching Fellow Program

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Standard 3: Organization and Governance

Thomas W. Appelquist
   Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics

Henry W. Broude
   Philip Golden Bartlett Professor of Economics & Economic History

Radley A. Daly
   University Marshal and Deputy Secretary, Retired

Richard J. Franke
   Fellow of the Corporation

Anthony T. Kronman
   Dean & Edward J. Phelps Professor of Law, Law School

David Pease
   Professor of Painting and Printmaking, School of Art

Dianne Witte
   Assistant Secretary of the University

Chair: Linda Lorimer
   Vice President and Secretary of the University

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Standard 4: Programs and Instruction

Iona Black
   Lecturer, Department of Chemistry

Carter Brooks ’99
   Davenport College

Michele Dillon
   Associate Professor & Director of
   Undergraduate Studies, Department of Sociology

Roger E. Howe
   Frederick Phineas Rose Professor of Mathematics

Edward Kamens
   Professor & Chair, Dept. of East Asian Languages & Literatures

Linda Peterson
   Professor & Chair, Department of English

Jack Sandweiss
   Donner Professor of Physics

Kristen Welsh, GRD. ’99
   Russian Literature

Chair: Joseph Gordon
   Deputy Dean of Yale College
   Dean of Undergraduate Education
   Lecturer in English

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Standard 5: Faculty

Richard K. Chang
   Henry Ford II Professor of Applied Physics
   Professor of Electrical Engineering

John A. Hartigan
   Eugene Higgins Professor of Statistics

Victor E. Henrich
   Eugene Higgins Professor of Applied Science
   Professor of Physics
   Associate Master, Trumbull College

Brigitte Peucker
   Chair & Professor, Germanic Languages and Literature
   Professor of Film Studies
   Associate Master, Ezra Stiles College

Margaret Riley
   Associate Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Robert B. Stepto
   Professor of African American Studies
   Professor of American Studies and English

Chair: Charles Long
   Deputy Provost of the University
   Lecturer in English

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Standard 6: Student Services

Nina Glickson
   Assistant to the President

Philip Greene
   Assistant Dean of Yale College

Ernst Huff
   Executive Director, Student Financial & Administrative Services

David Krasner
   Assistant Professor of African American Studies, English and Theater Studies
    & Director of Undergraduate Studies, Theater Studies

Bernard Lytton, M.D.
   Professor of Surgery
   Former Master, Jonathan Edwards College

Melissa Milazzo, ’99
   Pierson College

Vairavan Subramanian, ’00
   Saybrook College

Gerald E. Thomas
   Master of Davenport College
   Lecturer in African American Studies and History

Co-Chair: Betty Trachtenberg
   Associate Dean of Yale College
   Dean of Student Affairs

Co-Chair: Stephen Lassonde
   Dean of Calhoun College
   Lecturer in History

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Standard 7: Library and Learning Resources

Max Marmor
   Librarian, School of Art & Architecture

John M. Faragher
   Arthur Unobskey Professor of History

Edward S. Cooke Jr.
   Charles F. Montgomery Professor of American Decorative Arts &
   Director of Undergraduate Studies, History of Art

Peter Kindlmann
   Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Electrical Engineering

Philip Long
   Director of Academic Media and Technology

Danuta Nitecki
   Associate University Librarian

Roger Schonfeld ’99
   Silliman College

Co-Chair: Scott Bennett
   University Librarian

Co-Chair: Daniel Updegrove
   University Director of Information Technology Services

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Standard 8: Physical Resources

Kemel W. Dawkins
   Associate Vice President for Facilities

Pamela Delphenich
   University Planner

Pierre Hohenberg
   Professor of Physics
   Deputy Provost for Science & Technology

Fawzi Jumean, ’00
Morse College

Zachary Kaufman, ’00
Saybrook College

Ian Shapiro
   Professor of Political Science, Institution for Social & Policy Studies

William Sledge M.D.
   Professor of Psychiatry
   Master of Calhoun College

Chair: J. Lloyd Suttle
   Associate Provost

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Standard 9: Financial Resources

Charles Baltay
   Chair & Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics

Diana G. McShea
   Controller, Financial & Human Resource Modernization, Project X

Joan O'Neill
   Assistant to the Vice President for Development

Sharon Oster
   Frederick D. Wolfe Professor of Economics & Management

Gary D. Sax
   Director of Office Budget & Planning

Dean J. Takahashi
   Senior Director of Investments

Chair: Morten Engstrom
   Director of Capital Budget Management

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Standard 10: Public Disclosure

Richard Benson
   Dean & Professor, School of Art

Thomas Conroy
   Acting Director, Office of Public Affairs

John C. Gambell
   University Printer
   Senior Critic, School of Art

Veronica Soell
   Managing Editor, Yale College Publications

Chair: John Meeske
   Associate Dean of Yale College
   Dean of Administrative Affairs

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Standard 11: Integrity

Jonathan E. Clune
   Associate General Counsel

Frances Holloway
   Director, Office of Equal Opportunity

J. Michael McBride
   Professor of Chemistry

Karin Rabe
   Claire Booth Associate Professor of Applied Physics

Richard Shaw
   Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Chair: Michael Morand
   Assistant Vice President, New Haven & State Affairs

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We would appreciate your assistance to the Yale Reaccreditation Committee by filling out this response form.

We would enjoy knowing who you are, and may wish to contact you for further dialog on your observations. However, this information is NOT REQUIRED.

If you would prefer to respond via US POST OFFICE Mail, the committee would be most grateful to receive your comments. Please send them to

Patricia Klindienst
Office of the President
149 Elm Street
New Haven, CT 06520-9998
Please indicate which of these pages you are specifically responding to, and understand that a copy of your comments will be sent to the Chair/CoChairs of the Committees on whose pages you are commenting.

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