Yale University


Undergraduate students* 5,379
Graduate and professional students* 6,501
International students* 2,135
Faculty* 4,140
Staff* 9,323
International scholars* 2,327
Living alumni 168,987 (as of April 2012)
Library holdings 15 million volumes
Varsity athletic teams* 35
Total number of buildings* 440
Endowment (market value)* $19.3 billion
Operating budget* $2.82 billion

*Figures for the 2012–2013 academic year


A more detailed set of current statistics about Yale may be found on the Office of Institutional Research factsheet.

Historical Statistics

  1. A Yale Book of Numbers, Historical Statistics of the College and University, 1701–1977, written by George W. Pierson. This is an online converted version of the original book published in 1983.
  2. Yale Book of Numbers, 1976–2000, edited by Beverly Waters, Office of Institutional Research. This book, available online only, is an updated version of the original book and contains statistical information about Yale enrollments, degrees, students, areas of study, faculty, alumni, and finances.