Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health

Yale Program for Recovery
and Community Health
Erector Square, Bldg. One
319 Peck Street
New Haven, CT 06513

Business Office:
Ph. 203-764-7594
Ph. 203-764-7582
Fx. 203-764-7595

Vicky Molta

Recovery Mentor, Department of Psychiatry

Fax: 203.764.7595

Program for Recovery & Community Health
Department of Psychiatry
Yale University School of Medicine
319 Peck Street, Bldg. One
New Haven, CT 06513

Role in Program:
I have worked in various mental health agencies, including Mental Health
Association, Harbor Health Services, and National Alliance on Mental Illness.
I have traveled all over the state to promote education and fight for legislative
advocacy issues for people in recovery from mental health and substance use issues.
I am especially interested in fighting stigma. I have a cable access television show
called “You and Your Mental Wellness” and have interviewed guests from around
the state.

Personal Interests:
I love to travel. Last year, my husband and I took a cruise to the Greek Islands. I
feel alive and present when exploring someplace new. I also love to read and write.
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Vermont. I also
love swimming and the water. We live two blocks from the East Haven beach so we
take advantage of that.





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